Signal Apps Gets Banned
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Signal App gets banned immediately for running an honest Facebook Campaign Ad on Instagram on Tuesday. The ads published by Signal meant to explain to users how Instagram and its parent company Facebook collect user data and later target these users using Instagram’s own ad tech tools.

Facebook and Instagram are able to target users via a number of data points collected by Facebook’s numerous properties. The details collected include your age, city you might live in. The other granular points may include details such as whether you’re looking for a new home, whether you’re single, or whether you’re really into energy drinks.

Signal was able to create some super-targeted ads based on this kind of detailed data with exact target specs. For instance, if an ad was targeted towards K-pop fans or a single person is what the ad said. While the ad was targeted towards London-based divorcees with degrees in art history, the ad said so.

Clearly, Facebook was not happy with the idea of transparency in its system. Facebook is yet to comment on its actions, while Signal mentioned in a blog post, its ad account has been suspended and many of these ads could reach their target audiences.