Slack not working 
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Slack is not working as it’s experiencing some issues, users are not able to send and receive messages, also not able to access the platform. Users are complaining about the issue while trying to access work-related chatrooms meets long load times. They are also not able to view threads, and issues when trying to send a message to colleagues.

Slack has acknowledged on its status page that the platform “is not loading for some users.” It mentioned problems started around 9:25 AM ET and the issue is widespread, with a number of users complaining on Twitter. 

Down Detector, has also noted the spike in the issues while some people said they’re still able to connect and send messages reliably. They are investigating the issue where Slack is not loading for some users and also looking into the cause and providing more information as it is available. 

Slack witnessed a similar issue on January 4th cutting off many users trying to connect to work remotely. This will be the first major outage by Slack this year, though with many users back in offices, the popularity of the platform will definitely hurt many users. Let’s hope this is not a major outage and the platform manages to get its act together soon. 

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