Social app Parler is cracking down on hate speech
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Social app Parler, after making its reappearance on Apple App Store, is designed to be less offensive than its prior version. Parler has an artificial intelligence moderation in place that labels posts as “hate” that include racial slurs, by clicking through to see them.

According to Amy Peikoff, chief policy officer, they have resisted placing limits on what appears on its social networks and its leaders have equated blocking hate speech to totalitarian censorship.

She further added “At Parler, we embrace the entire First Amendment meaning freedom of expression and conscience are protected. We permit a maximum amount of legally protected speech.”

Parler was taken down earlier on Jan 6, after the Capitol riot incident. The social app was removed from various web communities including Google, Amazon. It was only last month Parler was allowed back on the Apple App store with the proposed changes to the app’s moderation policies.

Parler intends Apple to allow a function that warns users with a label for hate speech, they can click through it to see on iPhones. Parler was allowed to get back on the App Store with the condition of banning hate speech.

Now Apple users can enjoy the later iOS version which could be called “Parler Lite or Parler PG.”

According to Peikoff, the revamped moderation allows Parler to better enforce its guidelines and uphold the Constitution by effectively removing insightful content, which is illegal and threatens free speech.

We can soon expect to see the Parler app reappear on Google Play Store as well, once Parler submits an updated app for Google Play, according to Google spokesperson, Dan Jackson.

Users can still enjoy the updated Parler app on Android as it can be updated by sideloading through Parler’s site.

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