junk text messages and spam
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It is annoying and distracting when we receive junk text messages and spam on the phone, computer, tablet, watch, and other gadgets. If you wondered how to stop junk messages and spam keep reading further.

Many phones are able to filter out potential spam messages, while there are other messages that reside as you have failed to clear the notification settings. This can be taken care of with a quick fix, simply adjust the settings and you are good to go.

Ignore the Spam

This might sound like a crazy idea, but when you decide to Stop or Unsubscribe a message. It is sending a signal to the spammers who are on a look for working contact information. Your action to end noise maybe like a welcome message to the spammers saying this number is active and belongs to someone. This will only increase the number of spam messages you get.

How to stop junk text messages and spam

Spam Text Message

  • Block the phone number
  • Mark the message as Spam
  • Hit the delete button

You can also send texts to 7726 and get a reply message from your carrier asking you to reply with the phone number that sent the offending text. Within a minute it will help put an end to some spam campaigns.

Spam Email Message

  • Mark as spam and Delete.
  • Spam Message on iPhone
  • Find the spam message and Press down
  • A menu pops up
  • Press to the lower right and Tap on the arrow icon.
  • You will see a forwarded message.
  • Tap on the To: field and enter 7726 and send a message.

Spam Message on Android

  • Hold down on the spam message.
  • Hit the forward arrow.
  • Send the message to 7726.

Paid text-blocking app

There are paid text blocking apps such RoboKiller, Hiya, Nomorobo available that can keep spam at bay. They are available for both Android and iPhone. The combination of the above tips and these apps will keep spam dramatically reducing the spam you receive, in the form of phone calls and text messages.