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WhatsApp is a popular messaging app loved by people all over the world, but there are a few who just want to stay away from the WhatsApp group. WhatsApp shares a number of things like stickers, gif, videos, etc over WhatsApp especially via WhatsApp groups as it enables the message to reach a large number of like-minded audiences.

It kind of gets irritating when you find yourself added to WhatsApp groups without your knowledge. Earlier WhatsApp users had no control over this, but now the latest update WhatsApp users cannot be added into WhatsApp groups without your permission.

The WhatsApp group chat now comes with three options: Nobody, My Contacts, and Anyone.

  • Nobody: This means no one can add you to a group without an invitation.
  • My Contacts: This means only your contacts can add you to a group without an invitation.
  • Anybody: This means anyone can add you to a group without an invite, this is how it works presently as anyone can add you to any WhatsApp group.

How to Activate WhatsApp group invitation settings?

  • By default, the option is set to Anybody. To change this open WhatsApp and head over to Settings> Accounts>Privacy
  • Tap on the Groups Option in Privacy and then the new group setting feature will prevent itself.

You can choose from the three options available ie. Nobody, My Contacts or Anybody. These settings will be available in the latest WhatsApp update being rolled out today. Don’t worry if it has not yet reached you as it is being released in a phases manner.

You no longer need to worry about getting added to unwanted and alien groups without your know-how.

WhatsApp has been constantly improving its privacy features, another feature recently updated for iPhone users is the setting that lets you unlock your WhatsApp only using your FaceID or Touch ID.

The other setting which can be helpful in preserving your privacy is the option to mute the messages for a few hours, a week or even a year. Do share with us your experiences using the latest WhatsApp group feature in the comment section below.

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