Tandem Diabetes Care brings a new Smartphone Feature for Diabetics
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Tandem Diabetes Care brings a new smartphone feature for diabetics that helps deliver doses of insulin. Tandem Diabetes Care. 

The company Food and Drug Administration has cleared their first app for iPhone and Android devices. The app is capable of giving diabetes patients doses of insulin. 

According to Tandem, its T-Connect mobile app pairs with an insulin pump enabling diabetic patients to administer a dose of insulin directly through their smartphone.

Yet another fascinating advancement in technology as it plays a much larger role in the care of our health. The latest feature can be used for specific types of insulin, where users take it to prevent glucose spikes after they’ve eaten a meal. Users can access the latest feature for free via a software update. 

It is not yet clear when the feature will be launched, though the company says it is one of the most requested features that a lot of their users had asked for. This allows people to do it more discreetly.

Earlier patients were required to use their pump and directly go to that in order to make any updates in terms of scheduling when they would get doses of insulin. Now they can do it from their smartphone and without any interference. Not to mention a cool feature, which many users will be using in the near future and play a bigger role in your health. Prove to be a lot helpful in day-to-day kind of diagnosis.

Apple Watch helps track your heart rate and is now also being widely used to check things like oxygenation in your blood. Don’t be surprised if somewhere down the line these are able to check your blood pressure. In the future, we will surely witness new tech that can enable us to track our health more closely. This is certainly going to benefit users and will be nice to see more tech options for health in the future. 

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