TikTok Library New Video Creation Tool Being Developed by TikTok in Collaboration with GIPHY
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TikTok is working together with GIPHY to develop a new video creation tool called TikTok Library. The company hopes to provide creators access to entertainment content and participate in trends. 

According to TikTok, the new tool will populate select content from GIPHY this including a collection of GIFs with sound, known as GIPHY Clips. In the future, the video-sharing platform will expand the TikTok Library with more content sources, audio and sounds, text templates, and other TikTok creator content.

Tiktok did not share any details about the future partners it may have in store for those efforts.

GIPHY Clips were launched in 2019 as GIPHY Video, now they are used by many TV and movie studios, game makers, record labels, sports leagues, news media, and others to share properly licensed content on GIPHY’s platform. While the GIPHY’s developer toolset, the GIPHY SDK enables developers to share GIPHY Clips in workplace tools like Slack and within other third-party applications. Also, you can share them on the web with a link within the messaging apps. 

Initially, TikTok will support GIPHY Clips categories such as Reactions, Quotes, People, and Iconic Moments.

According to the company spokesperson, TikTok will include a portion of the GIPHY Clips library in the tens of thousands. Additionally, it will also include millions of GIFs from GIPHY’s wider library.

Though TikTok already hosts a number of creative tools in its social video app, the company says it continues to look for new ways to help creators express themselves. That’s where the GIPHY integration comes in.

To use the feature, TikTok users will tap the new “Library” icon on the vertical sidebar in the app’s camera screen. Once in the Library, you’ll be able to scroll through the trending content or use the search bar to find something more specific. When you’ve selected the content you want to use, you can clip it to the desired length, then return to the shooting page to continue capturing video.

TikTok says the Library feature will first roll out to select markets on Android and will follow next week on iOS, before expanding to more TikTok users worldwide in the weeks ahead.

The new feature promises a lot in the future though there are no further details related to its partners suggesting it is still in the early stages.

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