Tinder Offers in-app Currency to Keep Your Profile Active
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Tinder offers in-app currency to keep your profile active, this will enable Tinder users to earn currencies as a reward.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Tinder rolled out this virtual currency feature in Australia and later in other countries including the US.

You can earn in-app currency by keeping your profile active. Additionally, you can also buy them in exchange for real money. The virtual money can be used by you to redeem premium features, such as Super Likes and Boost, which could give chances for better matches.

This move by Tinder is to encourage people to spend more time on the app by rewarding them for it. Tinder wants its users to purchase more digital goods on its platform like Tinder+, Tinder Gold, and now coins.

According to Gary Swidler, Tinder’s Chief Financial Officer, “will play an important role as the Tinder experience evolves and becomes more immersive because virtual currency is useful in the context of gifting digital goods.”

He further added the virtual currency will be received by Asian users as they’re “less used to subscription products.”

Tinder will be rolling out its virtual currency to users in Australia later this month.

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