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Speed Test Apps help you diagnose the internet speed and confirm if you get what you are paying for. There are many Speed Test Apps available on the Google Play store that you can download. We have chosen the top 10 Speed Test Apps for Android, which you should try out. Generally, you will get better speed on a wired internet connection, compared to a Wifi connection. We would advise you to check internet speeds for both to get a clear picture.

Top 10 Speed Test Apps for Android

FAST Speed TestFAST Speed TestFAST Speed Test one of the best free speed test apps brought to you by Netflix. The speed testing app offers a simple and easy UI. Easy to use the app, simply open and run it to check your internet speed. The best part is this free speed test app is available for free and has no irritating in-app ads. The speed test scores are also accurate, though the app has no advanced options to check internet speeds. Netflix users can be rest assured a good score with this app would mean you will have no problem while streaming your movies on the platform.Google Play Button

Ookla Speed TestOokla Speed TestOokla Speed Test is the most popular internet speed testing apps. The app’s interface is identical to the one on the website. It is definitely the most feature-rich speed testing app. You will find features to test your ping, download, and upload speed. The app keeps a history, this can be used for future reference. It also can test internet speeds from different locations. This gives you the true picture, though the ping may suffer at times it does give you accurate speed details.Google Play Button


nPerf is a feature-rich internet speed test app. Apart from the normal tasks of testing upload and download speeds, it also does other tasks. It comes with a network monitor function and a coverage map for three major US carriers. You can also test things like bitrate streaming speed, browsing speed, and latency (ping). The new version offers the coverage maps in the notification pane. Not many users like it, they can disable this by turning off the contributing to network map function in the setting menu.Google Play Button


OpenSignal is behind the development of the Meteor speed test app. The trust app is used to check upload and download speeds. Generally, all your apps should work fine when you have the internet working, but this app does tell you how the speeds will translate into real-world performance with the apps on your phone. In short, if anything is wrong with your internet, this app will point it out. Test and compare multiple locations like work, home, and your favorite coffee shop.Google Play Button


Analiti is a speed test app that shows the results of your upload and download speeds along with latency. The best part is it also works as a WiFi analyzer. You can get results for your router’s throughput speeds, what channels it’s on, and show you other nearby signals, and shows other nearby signals. It is able to detect if your router has Wifi 6 capabilities even if it does not show on your smartphone. The free version comes with in-app ads that can be irritating but you can get rid of it using a paid version. The paid version will also offer you additional features nonetheless.Google Play Button

Internet Speed Test MeterInternet-speed-test-Meter

Internet speed test Meter is a hidden gem amongst so many speed test apps available on the Google Play store. This free app does not run ads and gives you your network information. You can easily access your upload and download speed with a single tap. The app is ultra slip and compatible with most Android devices.Google Play Button

Simple SpeedcheckSimple Speedcheck

Simple Speedcheck is a lightweight speed test app. It looks identical to the Fast app by Netflix. The app offers simple graphics, easy charts, and a number of complex features. Easy to run tests as soon as you open the app and check previous results too. It also offers you to track whether you did a speed test over WiFi or mobile data. The free version comes with in-app ads but this can be turned off by going for the paid version.Google Play Button

Speed Test Master LiteSpeed Test Master Lite

Speed Test Master Lite is a minimal speed test app. It will give you basic details such as download and upload speeds along with latency. It also provides you the history and can get previous results for future references. These results also show if you used mobile data or Wifi. It is an accurate, small, easy-to-use app. Best suited for quick-speed test runs.Google Play Button

SpeedTest ProSpeedTest Pro

SpeedTest Pro is the last on our list, this speed testing app can measure your internet upload and download speeds. It comes with in-app ads but like most other apps you can get rid of them by opting for the paid version. It comes with features that allow you to perform manual or scheduled speed tests. It also offers professional analysis for your connection speeds – including graphs and statistics.Google Play Button