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TikTok remains one of the best short video sharing apps in spite of being banned in many regions. Add to this the number of competitors such as Instagram Reels, Facebook Watch, YouTube Shorts, and more. Though nothing seems to be slowing down the popularity of TikTok.

TikTok does have a video editing tool, but it seems to be limited when it comes to video editing. You will need to depend on the numerous third party TikTok Video Editing Apps for Android. So if you are a TikTok influencer let’s dig deep into the Top 10 TikTok Editing Apps for Android available.

10 Top TikTok Video Editing Apps for Android
Here, we will be sharing the names of the best TikTok video editing apps for Android. Check them out below!

YouCut – Video Editor & MakerYouCut – Video Editor & MakerTry YouCut – Video Editor & Maker, an app that offers many cool video editing effects. This is a full-featured and free video editing app for your phone.

With YouCut Video Editor, you can create shareable videos in TikTok or other video-sharing apps. With music and audio, options to trim, merge and split videos and adjust speeds, it is perfect for creating high-quality content.

FilmoraGo Video Editor & MakerFilmoraGo Video Editor & MakerFilmoraGo Video Editor & Maker can create videos for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, and more. It’s a great tool to trim & cut videos, apply color filters, add animations, and even more.

FilmoraGo video editing app includes features such as effects, music, stickers, emoji’s and other editing tools.

InShot Video EditorInShot Video EditorInShot Video Editor gives you the same video editing options as a paid, professional app. It is free, but it looks and functions just like a pro app with many advanced features.

InShot Video Editor is an app that allows you to edit videos, adding music, text, and transitions.
With this app, you can edit your videos, crop them to various
After editing your videos, you can use this app to crop videos in any ratios, zoom in/out videos, and more.

ShotCutShotCut can edit video footage, ranging from trimming and cutting to merging videos and creating video overlays and backgrounds. It also has over a 100 video effects, as well as the ability to change playback speed.

This video editing app offers a more advanced version for those who want more capabilities. The premium option removes the watermarks from edited videos.

SpliceSpliceSplice provides you with the performance of pro-level desktop video editing through mobile. It can help you create viral videos for your TikTok account by merging clips into a seamless video.

With Splice, you can easily create unique and creative TikTok videos. You have access to a variety of tools and controls such as video trimming, cutting, speeding up playback and adding cool filters.

While the Splice Pro, offers you more features such as adding your own text and soundtracks.

Mojo — Stories & Reels makerMojo — Stories & Reels makerMojo Stories & Reels maker is an application for creating posts for Instagram Stories, TikTok, and other social media.

Mojo is an app that caters specifically to video content creators. It offers 400+ different templates for videos, online posts, and Tiktok videos.

Mojo Stories & Reels Maker allows you to quickly edit videos with a variety of features, including merging/trimming/cutting video clips and adding text, among many others.

KineMasterKineMasterKineMaster provides templates for editing TikTok videos. It’s a top-rated app for slick video editing.
KineMaster can be used for video editing. With this app, you get access to all the features that are necessary for video creation.
KineMaster video editing app, allows you to merge, cut and trim videos in a quick and easy way. You can spice up your TikTok with amazing effects as well.

VN video editorVN video editorVN video editor is a lightweight and powerful app that will allow you to create more impressive TikTok videos. VN was designed with the professional in mind, but there is a lot of ability for beginners as well.

This is a top Tik Tok video editor that provides you with an easy to use editing program. The most useful feature of this app is the chroma key, which makes it easy to change the background and make your videos look professional. Overall, the VN video editor is a great choice for Tik Tok.

Cool Video EditorCool Video EditorCool Video Editor combines TikTok’s video editing with an assortment of filters and effects, music clips, and altering the duration of videos.

Cool Video Editor provides cool TikTok filters and AR stickers to liven up videos.

Cool Video Editor provides the necessary tools for creating professional and customized videos. It can work at night, provide real-time live beauty features, and provides access to more than 200 professional filters.

MagistoMagistoMagisto can create mini-movies through the use of machine learning and AI in just a few seconds. You can use it for TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, as well as different social media platforms.

Magisto can tell a story using effects, filters and graphics with the same quality as that created by a human editor.

Magisto’s premium features include premium video effects, the ability to edit and save videos of 10 minutes in length without watermarks, and more. Overall, Magisto is the TikTok video app for Android, allowing you to clip your favorite moments from all of your TikTok posts into one video.

Conclusion: So now you know some of the best video editing making high-quality videos for TikTok. You can use these programs on your smartphone to make custom content for the app. If you have any suggestions or know about other apps, leave them in the comments below.

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