Top 20 Android Apps in 2021
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We will bring you the top 20 Android Apps in 2021, probably never knew they existed. Many of the apps we discuss today are free to download and we have no affiliation with them to include in this article. We have genuinely made an attempt to honestly present you these apps, they are all fantastic even after being downloaded several times. So let’s get started.

Top 20 Android Apps in 2021

1.TruePick’s PrimeTruePick's PrimeWho does not like to show off beautiful wallpaper on their smartphones? Like to mention about TruePick’s Prime background app. It features an outer space theme and a pinwheel in the middle. Fit nicely with the planets and bubbles and the colors give it a fun and poppy look. The grain art 4 feature in TruePick’s Prime is fantastic as it gives a picture a vintage look, no matter what widgets or icons you use. If you don’t like it you can always use the other amazing backgrounds. The app also offers a few setup ideas all for free.

2.Beta ManiacBeta Maniac

If you don’t know Google Play has a beta apps program, by joining the program you get the newest features before they are released to the public. It is not easy to figure out which app has a beta program, this is where Beta Maniac comes to your rescue. It can scan all your installed apps and quickly tell you which apps have an open beta program.

You can also join it within the app itself. Some play store apps limit the number of people who can join their beta program, which makes it difficult to join as they get full. Until some users leave or the developer expands the limits, the beta maniac will scan the beta programs periodically and send you notifications. It will keep you updated every time a beta program is reopened and you won’t regret installing the app.

3. personalDNSfilterpersonalDNSfilter

Are you annoyed with apps or websites with intrusive ads or want to protect your privacy by blocking malware tracking phishing etc. You can use personalDNSfilter, it will block any ads and filter out unwanted hosts within your apps or websites. You will require to allow it to make a VPN connection and enable blocking. It will block unwanted scripts or whitelist apps to support developers who aren’t overusing pop-up ads. You can download personalDNSfilter for free on Google Play Store.

4. Colorize

Colorize is an amazing app that helps you add color to all those old memory pictures shot in black and white. All you need to do is press and hold the record button, the app scans the copy of your photo. The photo is colorized within a few seconds and you can save it to your device or share it. The app that works like magic is super easy, already has been downloaded by more than thousands of users. The app comes with a 3-day trial so make sure you have all your monochrome images with you. Three days would be sufficient time to get them all colorized, else you can opt for a paid version to colorize pictures as many times as you’d like.

5. Tap, TapTap, TapiOS users must be aware of the cool feature which allows you to double-tap the back of the iPhone to launch a certain task such as camera flashlight shortcut etc. Now Android users can also enjoy a similar feature by downloading an app called Tap, Tap. Set your Android phone to launch google assistant when you double-tap the back. You can also enable a triple tap action to launch something else like the camera app or snappy screenshot. You can customize the app actions to a certain extent like when the taps shouldn’t be enabled such as when the screen is off, as this would be annoying and even change the sensitivity of the gesture. The app is not available on Google Play Store but you can download the app off Github.Github_Button

6. Wavelet Headphone specific equalizationWavelet Headphone specific equalizationIf you are one of those not getting the full audio listening experience while using headphones to listen to music, the Wavelet app is for you. Stock Android does not have an equalizer, this means you cannot optimize your sound. While many headset models out there offer a simple equalizer with a few presets. This will not offer you the best quality possible. Wavelet app supports over 2700 pre-calculated presets for specific headphone models.

Once you are connected to your headset wireless or not an option will pop up called auto eq. Select your headphone model and you will experience a much richer sound quality. The app helps in canceling out any manufacturer-specific preset equalization. You can increase the bass or get more effects, for this though you will need to make an in-app purchase to unlock all the app’s features.

7. Bluetooth audio device widget

It is quite annoying when you try to connect a Bluetooth device such as speakers or headphones. The process is pretty annoying as you need to go to settings, a number of menus, and tap on the Bluetooth device to connect. With Bluetooth audio device widgets you no longer need to do that, place the widget on your home screen and it will automatically connect to the desired Bluetooth device just by tapping on it. Once you are done using the connection you can simply tap on it again to disconnect. You can also form within the app enable a quick settings tile, set a specific volume level, etc

8. Access DotsAccess Dots Offen when you grant an app access to your phone’s camera or microphone, are you aware they can be used silently in the background. It’s kind of scary, Access Dot can help you fix this, as it puts a dot in the top right corner of the screen when your camera or microphone is used. It indicates if your camera or microphone is used or not with green or orange dots, you can also change the color of the dots to suit you. A simple straightforward app you can download for free on Google Play Store.

9. Super Status BarSuper Status BarSuper Status Bar allows you to customize your status bar. It offers tons of useful features like changing the brightness or volume level by just swiping left or right on it. You can get a preview of your notifications without having obtrusive heads-up pop-ups we experienced while using android lollipop. You can also change the theme of the status bar to make it look like iOS, Samsung’s One UI MIUI, etc. You can change the color to match with the theme of the app you opened, have a battery bar to show you the battery level of your device, and even have gestures such as tapping on the status bar to do certain tasks or launch apps. You will not find any other app that does it better than a super status bar.

10. Volume StylesVolume Styles Volume Styles app allows you to volume styles and the way your volume panel looks. The best part is the app is created by the same developer who created the earlier app. The app makes it possible to make your volume controls look like the ones in iOS ONE UI 3 MIUI Oxygen OS Windows 10. In the old iOS volume panel you can have a volume knob, the list goes on and on. The sliders are smooth and change the volume level instantly. It works so well that you almost forget that it’s an app that did it. The app also has a community feature that allows you to use other people’s creations. This offers an additional fresh look and customizes a lot more such as adding a brightness slider changing its position dimming the background etc

11. TetrdTetrd  If you tend to share your internet connection between your phone and computer, Tetrid is the best option. You require to enable USB debugging from within the developer options connecting your phone to your desktop with a USB cable. Download the server application to your PC from the app, press connects and select your preferred tether mode. This will enable you to browse the web on your computer using your phone’s mobile data or you can scroll through Instagram on your phone using the wi-fi connection from your computer. This is a perfect solution for you if your carrier doesn’t allow you to have an unlimited hotspot or if your phone is having a hard time connecting to your wi-fi. Your computer will have a stable connection as it is connected via an ethernet cable.

12. DontKillMyAppDontKillMyApp

Have you ever wondered if your phone is silently killing apps in the background? Especially when you lock your device or how fast or frequently it kills those apps. DontKillMyApp app will let you know if your phone is overkilling background tasks. While the screen is off you just tap on start benchmark and select how long you’d like the test to run. The longer the better once you start the test you shouldn’t charge your phone or use it until the time is up. Otherwise, you may not get the most accurate results. You can edit early if you want and once the test is finished you’ll get a score. The closer you are to 100 the better as it indicates that your phone is doing a great job of handling background apps. Else if you have a low rating and a ton of random white space in the graph it means your phone is overkilling. If that is the case the app will let you know how to limit background restrictions.

13. BitLitBitLit

Many users love to customize the home screen but keeping up to date with all the latest customization apps such as wallpapers icon packs widgets etc is not easy. We bring you an app called BitLit, it keeps you up to date and informs you of every app update, promo code giveaways, new app launches, and categorize everything really well. It can be downloaded on Google Play Store for free.

14. BuzzKillBuzzKill  If you are getting too many spam notifications or want to have a better grip over your notifications instead of completely turning them off, you can try BuzzKill. It is a notification manager that allows you to create automated actions. When a notification matches a rule it’ll follow it for example if you create a rule when you receive a notification from your phone app that contains the keywords missed or call then it’ll remind you to call them back every 30 minutes or if someone messages you multiple times in quick successions you can have them only buzz you once instead of numerous times. The possibilities are endless and the best part is that there are tons of pre-created rules that can be enabled quickly under the explore tab

15. Quick CursorQuick CursorIt is not easy to use a big phone, if you too are struggling using it with one hand download QuickCursor. The app is amazing as it helps you reach the top areas on the screen easily. A cursor will popup whenever you swipe from the edges of the screen, you can drag it around to move the cursor and tap on it to click the d-pad. It disappears when you tap away from it. It is perfect as when you try to tap on Instagram stories or reach the top toolbar, it only annoys you with the back gestures as it cannot get in the way if you’re on android 10 or above. You will need to expand the trigger size to an appropriate amount to avoid any overlaps.

16. SmashSmash Smash will help you transfer some of your big files quickly and easily. It is a user-friendly and extremely straightforward app. Simply tap on the smash button and select the file or files that you like to send once it finishes uploading you can share the link with anyone. This link can also be shared with desktop users and you can download the files easily. Smash does not come with any file size limits and the files are available to download for an entire week. Your transfer data stays encrypted; it’s simple, free and no signing is needed.

17. Vivaldi BrowserVivaldi Browser If you are looking to install an alternative browser you should try Vivaldi Browser. It focuses on your privacy and offers many unique features that most browsers don’t have. You get an ad blocker native protection against ads. You can force enable dark mode on all sites. The tab bar interface allows you to switch between your tabs easily. Screenshot a webpage without grabbing the entire screen and a lot more features. The browser is also very snappy; you will have no trouble scrolling through large web pages or opening multiple links.

18. EdgeBlockEdgeBlock Curve phones can sometimes be tricky to use, especially if you find yourself touching your palm accidentally more often than not. EdgeBlock is an app that can help fix this problem. The app blocks the touchscreen on the edges of your screen. Depending on how much curve your screen as you can increase or decrease the width of the blocked area accordingly.

19. MiniReviewMiniReviewThere are tons of apps available on the Google Play Store and most of the goodies are hidden deep within the trenches. If you are having trouble discovering these gems you can download the MiniReview app, the app offers a 10 point rating system, a brief description of the author’s overall experience, and a 5-star rating on the controls gameplay monetization, etc. The best part is that you can filter the search results to find your favorite type of game. A good option to go for if you wish to skip the play store’s somewhat biased interface. You can download the app on Google Play Store.

20. AutosyncAutosync  Autosync is a perfect solution for you, especially if you are using multiple cloud storage. Autosync app allows you to sync them all, log in to your storage devices such as Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox, Mega, etc. Create a folder within your phone storage and within your cloud storage called auto-sync. You can do this via the app and then every time you put something in that folder whether it be your phone storage or the cloud storage that file will automatically sync to everything.

21. Touch LockerTouch LockerIf you want to lock the screen of your phone or tablet. Maybe you want to give it to a toddler to watch a movie or play music and you don’t want them to accidentally start messing with your apps. Touch Locker is the app you need to download. It puts a notification in your notification panel and whenever you want to lock the screen you just tap on the lock button. When you want to unlock the screen again you just swipe down on the status bar and press the unlock button. The app is available for free on Google Play Store.

With this, we conclude the list of Top 20 Android Apps in 2021. Hope guys enjoy our selection do let us know in the comments section below and get subscribed.