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Teamviewer is one of the widely used remote desktop sharing software available for customer support, but did it come to your mind there are other applications also available that can help you get your job done.

Today we will discuss Top 5 free alternatives to Teamviewer.

Before we start let us understand why you need Alternatives for TeamViewer?

Why you need Alternatives for TeamViewer?

Teamviewer is widely used as it comes with a free option used by many freelancers, students.

It has its own drawback as it is susceptible to privacy risks if not configured properly.

In case you choose to use Teamviewer for business purposes regularly you will need to purchase the licensed version which will cost you money.

You can opt for other alternatives if you wish to skip such minor grievances with Teamviewer.

Top 5 free alternatives to Teamviewer

AnyDeskAnyDeskAnyDesk is one of the best alternatives, it was built to improve the transfer method and provide a faster and sharper remote connection compared to TeamViewer. It comes with a DeskRT process developed to reduce data volume during transmission. It provides the fastest data transmission rates with 60 FPS screen sharing this helps in reducing the lag.

AnyDesk comes with a low latency rate which enables it to immediately transfer actions to your remotely controlled devices. The program is technically sound and comes with a simple user interface which makes it easy to operate for users.

While companies and professional users have to pay for it, non-commercial or private users can use the free version. AnyDesk is available for a number of platforms like Linux, Free BSD, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Chrome Remote DesktopChrome Remote DesktopGoogle browser is something most of us are using, you can simply download the Chrome Remote Desktop extension for Chrome. An easy option to get started with remote desktop sharing on your computer. All you need is a Chrome browser installed on your system and a Google account to use Chrome Remote Desktop extension to access remote computers over the internet and remotely control them.

Chrome Remote Desktop offers you end-to-end encryption and is available across all platforms. The extension will enable you to remotely access Windows, macOS, and Linux devices from virtually any device which has a Chrome browser installed.

The extension does not offer you additional features like screen sharing, chats, or video conferencing. If your requirements for remote desktop capabilities are limited then you can opt for Chrome Remote Desktop which comes absolutely free.


RealVNC is a good free option as it offers you to connect to 5 remote computers and 3 users. The application works seamlessly and is a convenient tool to manage computers, people and roles. RealVNC is easy to use, requires little to no training for people in your team to connect or take control. It comes with fully encrypted sessions, multi-factor authentication and many other security features. It is available for a wide range of platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, iOS, Android, Chrome, Solaris, HP-UX AIX.

Unified RemoteUnified Remote

Unified Remote app is handy as you can manage hundreds of programs using your smartphones. You can use your smartphone as a multitouch or a single touch mouse to control your computer. Unified Remote can mirror your computer screen on your device screen and help you perform various tasks like turn off, wake up, and lock the desired computer.

You can also browse, manage, and open various folders and files on your smartphone. On a media level, you have the ability to control iTunes, Spotify, XBMC, Netflix, and dozens of other applications and websites.

Unified Remote software app is available for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone mobile operating systems. An app designed to turn your smartphone into a universal remote.

Unified Remote is a multi-platform app. In addition to its mobile operating systems, the app is compatible with Windows, Mac and iOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino Yun.

Parallels AccessParallels AccessParallels Access offers fast, simple, and reliable remote access to your computer. You can easily access all your applications, files remotely in one place. One of the features that make Parallels Access different from the rest is its ability to offer a mobile viewing experience via its mobile app. The connection is seamless and your touch inputs are instantly recognized on the computer you are controlling.

Parallels Access comes with its proprietary unique Amplification technology which lets you use all your desktop applications as if they were native apps for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. This makes it accurate and precise to operate and is much better compared to TeamViewer in fact.