Top 5 money earning apps
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We spend most of our free time browsing through our smartphones. Either we play games, visit various social media sites, etc but this does not help you make money. We will today talk about the Top 5 Money Earning Apps Similar to Sweatcoin.

Would it not be nice if you can earn some extra cash just by making the most of your spare time while you are on your smartphone. There are many legitimate apps available on the internet that can help you earn money by completing a survey, watching videos, secret shopping, sharing photos, and more.

Today we will discuss apps that give you money by simply doing your day to day activities like walking. Yes, we will present the apps that give you money when you exercise or are on the move and it cost nothing to use these apps.

When it comes to earning money by using a step counter and activity tracker that pays you in digital currency Sweatcoin is the best. Today we will be talking about Sweatcoin and similar apps that give you money.

Sweatcoin and most of the other apps similar to it pay you just for walking and counts your steps. In turn, Apps That Give You Money Similar to Sweatcoin keeps you healthy and allows you to earn an incentive in the form of digital currency for your exercise.

What is Sweatcoin?SweatcoinSweatcoin is a popular app that makes money for you by moving your body. The app helps you earn digital currency where you simply need to do your simple daily tasks like walking and running. The app not only helps you keep fit but earns a few extra dollars for you as well.

Your simple act of going out and walking can not only keep you fit but you will earn cryptocurrency for walking.

How Sweatcoin Works?

With over 20 million installations Sweatcoin has become a popular fitness tracking app that can earn you extra cash. The app is currently available in various countries like United Kingdom, Ireland, the USA, Canada, the EU, and Australia. You don’t need to be a marathon runner to earn this extra cash. Simple daily tasks like Walk to practice, work, take your dog out can help you start earning in the form of cryptocurrency. The app is coming up with a number of sponsorship and affiliation programs where you can win 5 sweat coins for referring your friends for installation.

There is an increase in the number of countries added to the list, with countries like Germany, France, and Spain are also online now.

To know more about Sweatcoins you can read the Complete Guide to Sweatcoin.Google Play Button

Top 5 Money Earning Apps Similar to Sweatcoin


Earthmiles is a popular app that enables you to earn hundreds of rewards by simply walking. The Earthmiles has been highly rated by various media sources like British Vogue, Forbes, etc. The app helps you follow a healthy routine and an active life. The best part of the app is it allows you to keep yourself fit doing your daily routine workouts and earn some extra incentive in your life. Simply walk or run to discover free goodies and save on discounts on various new exciting brands that will support you on your journey to stay healthy. These products include healthy snacks, free-from options, vegans, plant-based foods, gear, Kit, clothing along everything related to mindfulness and wellness. To learn more about Earthmiles visit their website.

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Charity Miles

Charity miles comes with a number of rewards with each level of unique and extraordinary features for its global users. The app is ideal for tracking your walk, distance, and running and allows you to earn money for the charity. The app has been able to successfully raise around $2.5 million in the form of a charity helping themselves and others. Charity Miles helps you to make your own health choices every day and appreciate your health. This can be achieved by using the app while exercising, walking your dog, during your morning walk, or even during the daily routine. The comes with features like a run-tracker, pedometer, walking timer, running stopwatch or cycling meter. With a simple tap, you can easily be able to track your distance. The app allows you to pick the charity of your choice from more than 40 Global charities like ASPCA, Stand Up To Cancer, Habitat For Humanity, The Nature Conservancy ALS Association, National Multiple Sclerosis Security, Girls on the run, Feeding America, Girl Up, Special Olympics, Soles4Souls, Team For Kids, She’s the First, and many more.Google Play Button

DietBetDietBetDietBet is a product of WayBetter, Inc. developed with the intention to attract people with its latest concept which involves individuals who intend to get motivated for losing weight. The app has managed to successfully reduce the weight of around 96% of the players involved and the winner has been able to earn $58 on average. The works on a simple idea where you bet to lose weight by collaborating with other members of the group.

The DietBet app allows you to monitor your performance via algorithmic audition, photos, and a collaborative team of amazing Referees who individually review each person’s stats. These referees can be called upon anytime you have any sort of questions and some other concerns.
You will get to read some amazing updates, tips, photos, and other motivational stuff from other players. Also, you can read and send motivating messages, check your weigh-ins, discover and join games, and enjoy many other interesting things.Google Play Button

Apps That Give You Money Similar To Sweatcoin

StepBetStepBetStepBet is a popular health and fitness app developed by WayBetter, Inc. It allows you to win money for walking where you bet on yourself to meet some of its offered personalized goals. In return, you can win exciting prizes and cash out whenever you want. The app works in perfect sync with your S Health, Google Fit, and FitBit.

Walking has become pleasant with StepBet as it offers deals of paying rewards and getting money in real-time. Once you join the app you can get motivated by a fun-loving and supportive community. Enjoy personalized goals to your step history and add the incredible power of earning money to motivate you. All this be sufficient enough to kickstart the desire to keep fit and walk more. The app comes with check balance and cashes out features, imprinting photos, tips, motivation, and a lot more.Google Play Button

AchievementAchievementAchievement is an amazing app that offers a reward for supporting your life. Developed by Evidation Health Inc not only keeps you fit but also pays you exciting rewards. The app can be download and integrated with the fitness apps you are currently using to track your routine activity from your smartphone. This will help you earn real-time rewards for such healthy activities along with some other reward winning offers. The app allows gaining more and more points as you get healthier and helps you join the research studies. Your day to day activities like walking, meditating, exercising, jogging, running pedometer and cyclometer can help you earn points for real-time. The has paid almost $500000 to its active members for tracking their routine activities without much effort. Though the app has a couple of restrictions as you need to above 18 years of age and be a US resident to redeem the reward points.Google Play Button