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There are many free VPN services you can download via Google Play Store. But as we have already discussed how dangerous free VPN services can be and why you should go for paid services like Express VPN. In this article, you will learn which top free VPN Android Apps have privacy and security issues.

According to the analysis conducted by Simon Migliano, the head of this research suggests top 10 VPN amongst the 150 they analyzed, at least 90% of the apps compromise the security and privacy of users in some way or the other. What is more serious is nearly 260 million of these free VPN Android apps are downloaded on Google Play Store.

Reports suggest over 38 VPN apps tested positive for DNS leaks, Data leaks to hundreds of insecure links. Along with this 27, VPN apps were flagged as potential sources for malware when diagnosed by VirusTotal.

According to the research around 99 apps had intrusive permissions. These permissions included user location, device information, use of the microphone, camera access, and more.

BleepingComputers has made a list of VPN in their study in the form of a risk index which makes it easy for you to understand the privacy risks involved while using these free VPN apps.

Like we already mentioned in our other article how free VPN can be dangerous, it is better to spend some money and go for a paid VPN service like Express VPN. Certainly, the few extra dollars will not hurt you in the long run when it comes to keeping your privacy and data security in mind. Please let us know which VPN service you are using in the comments box below.

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