Twitter for Professionals Will Roll Out this Week
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Twitter for Professionals will roll out this week for businesses and creators. The latest offering from Twitter will help users running an account for a business or a public figure, and manage to capture their interest.

Twitter for Professional will offer additional tools that will help them distinguish their profile, promote content quickly via ads, and capitalize on Twitter’s upcoming e-commerce efforts.

Twitter has introduced monetization options such as Super Follow, yet it still has not introduced different profile types for businesses. Its competitors like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have had them for a long time.Twitter for Professionals Will Roll Out this Week-1Users with Twitter for work will be classified as a professional and will qualify for a professional account. Also, users who have no repeated history of violating guidelines, and must be authentic, with an account name, bio, and profile picture. No fictional character, parody accounts, or pet accounts will be allowed under Twitter for Professional.

You should also understand that all users cannot switch to a professional account. When the functionality is available users can access Twitter for Professionals tab by swiping open the sidebar from the Home timeline in the app. You can also view a “Switch to Professional” tab under profile settings. Select the most accurate category and either a business or creator account type.Twitter for Professionals Will Roll Out this Week-2After your Twitter account is converted to a professional account, you will be prompted to follow topics, promote a tweet in an ad campaign, or customize your profile with modules. There is an about module, a shop module, and a newsletter module for users on Revue, the newsletter service Twitter acquired early this year.

If you wish to change your mind and want to continue being an amateur you can switch your account back by navigating to edit your profile. Edit the professional profile, and then switch account type. Users can also toggle between a business or a creator account. To know more about how to convert an existing Twitter account to a professional account read the FAQ.

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