Venmo introduces Charity Profiles Feature Allows Charities to Raise Funds Directly 
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PayPal owned company Venmo will introduce a new Charity Profiles feature that will allow charities to raise funds directly within its app. Charities that have received confirmed charity status from PayPal will be able to access this feature.

With the new charity profile option, you can conveniently give back to your community in Venmo. Verifying yourself as a charity with Venmo is easy, low-cost and doesn’t require much setup.

PayPal confirmed charities can set up their charity profiles to allow Venmo users to donate to them more conveniently.

How to Setup Charity Profiles on Venmo?

  1. Visit the Venmo Charity Profile setup page 
  2. Log into a confirmed charity PayPal account. 
  3. Next, Venmo will ask charities to create a new Venmo account to link to a Charity Profile.
  4. Venmo will use the charity information from PayPal to build an associated Venmo profile.
  5.  Charities will then be able to publish their profiles and share them with their communities. 
  6. Charities can confirm if they are a PayPal confirmed charity on PayPal’s website.

Venmo has announced that it will soon launch a hub where customers can find causes they care about.

Venmo has announced that they will begin donating money to certain charities. The social media site will be introducing the ability for charities to profile themselves and receive funds via Venmo’s app.

Venmo states that 61% of donors heard about charity causes from their friends and family. They are allowing customers to donate privately through Venmo by using a charity profile.

PayPal just launched an increase in Donations and Charities   to keep in line with the needs of customers. This product allows Donors-Advised Funds, Community Foundations, and other grant makers to make donations electronically through PayPal’s platform. In addition to just providing money quickly, PayPal includes a Grant Payments DASHBOARD that is available for all grantmakers where they can find all pertinent information about the grants that have been made.

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