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Webkey can connect your Android device and your computer via Wifi or 4G. Webkey runs your Android device from your browser once the devices are paired.

Webkey is compatible with Android 4.4 and above and its features depend on your access level to the device. Most of the features are available with Android 4.4 and above while others may require rooting access or a signed Webkey APK.

How to GetStarted with Webkey?

  • Download the Webkey app on Google Play, download APK or directly download it from the website.
  • Install and register to the Webkey App on your devices
  • You can also register for the app directly via the website using your browser.
  • Login to find your device listed on the Webkey Dashboard.
  • Once paired you are ready to start using Webkey.
  • Easily manage and control your devices via Webkey.webkey

Webkey Remote Access Tools

  • You can get a real-time remote view of your Android devices on your computer.
  • Full remote control to your Android devices as you hold them in your hands. This includes you being able to control all touch and key events via your browser as long as you have root access.
  • Allows you to manage your devices from the web Dashboard.
  • You can access your Linux terminal to run terminal commands and write shell scripts on your device.
  • You can check the location of your phone and follow it on a map using GPS tracking.webkey_2

Webkey Features

  • Real-time remote view.
  • Full remote control including touch and key events.
  • Linux terminal access.
  • GPS-based location tracking.
  • Quick open URLs in Android.
  • Web Dashboard to monitor devices.
  • List installed packages through a Rest API.
  • Install/Remove packages.
  • Direct access to your device by a nickname (
  • Headless version.
  • Configuration via intent.
  • Pre-installed Webkey client.
  • All the remote control sessions are encrypted between your browser and your device with SSL/TLS certificates.
  • The devices are always Paired using an access code (PIN) which ensures there is no accidental or malicious pairing.

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