WhatsApp In-App Business Directory Search Service
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WhatsApp In-App Business Directory search service launched in Brazil to test the feature. The latest WhatsApp features aim to bolster e-commerce on its services.

Matt Idema, Facebook’s vice president of business messaging, in an interview, said, “This could be … the primary way that people start a commerce process in WhatsApp.”

WhatsApp is an ads-free platform, businesses have been using the platform to promote business using their WhatsApp numbers on packaging or websites or using Facebook ads connecting with users into chats on WhatsApp.

Now WhatsApp will instead offer it’s business users a specialized app for small firms and an API, or type of software interface, for larger businesses to connect their systems, which generates revenue.

Facebook has facilitated many online retail businesses to thrive even in the times of the Covid 19 pandemic. Thanks to the in-app shopping feature Facebook introduced across its apps. Earlier in June, Zuckerberg announced about expanding Facebook’s Shops feature to more countries. Facebook has over the year been launching a number of shopping tools like product catalogs and shopping carts.

The latest WhatsApp In-App Business Directory search service will be tested. The test will include thousands of businesses in categories like food, retail, and local services across certain São Paulo neighborhoods. The social media giant will further be looking forward to introducing this feature in Asian markets such as India and Indonesia.

In the future, WhatsApp may also come up with in-app ads. Idema said, ads are an integral part of Facebook’s core business model and in the future, the company may introduce it in some form or another as part of the business model for WhatsApp.

Currently, there are nearly one million advertisers currently using Facebook and Instagram’s ‘Click to WhatsApp’ ads to send users to the messaging app.

Facebook earlier in 2014, bought WhatsApp for $19 Million, the app has been slow to monetize its features.

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