Why Should You Change Your Snapchat Username
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Snapchat now allows you to change your username, but why should you change your Snapchat username?

To start with there are many security and privacy-related issues that can be on your priority list. Earlier you were not able to change your Snapchat username, now you can change it through your Snapcode remains the same.

We will discuss some of the security reasons why you should change your Snapchat username.

1. Malware Attack
If you are exposed to a malware attack, you can contact the Snapchat admin and request to change your Snapchat username.  A malware attack can enable cybercriminals to compromise Snapchat via malicious links. You can be secured against such cyberattacks once you change your username in case of have doubts about being exposed to malware.

2. Security BreachChange Your Snapchat UsernameChanging your Snapchat username can protect you in case of a security breach. Especially as such attacks have been on a rise. Reports suggest in January 2014 Snapchat exposed details of nearly 4.6 million Snapchat accounts.  The weakness in the app allowed bad actors to hijack the usernames and phone numbers of millions of users. Changing your username can go a long way in such a situation. 

3. Shared Devices
The reason to change your Snapchat username is more valid, especially when you share your password with friends. Changing the username once a while can help you protect your login details from going into the wrong hands. As even if you trust someone and share your login credentials they can accidentally expose the information. Chango of username can help protect your account from unwanted intruders trying to log into your account. 

4. Privacy
Privacy is something everyone is concerned about, and we need to have some level of privacy with Snapchat even if we have our family, friends, and colleagues out there. You can achieve this by changing the username and prohibiting certain people you don’t want to keep tabs on you. It can also act as a deterrent to trolling and cyberbullying on Snapchat, especially if you are a victim. Changing your Snapchat username will stop the trolls and bullies as they no longer will have your new username. Though you need to remember your Snapcode does not change. 

5. StalkingChange Your Snapchat UsernameChanging your Snapchat username can keep stalkers away. It can prove to be handy when you have just come out of an abusive relationship and want to make a fresh start. The change of password ensures the old chapter of your life stays away from your eyes. 

With no username, it will not be easy for your ex to find you. Additionally, you can also block users, but this can be sorted by creating a new user account. 

6. Offensive Nicknames
Nicknames are trendy however you might want to leave your old ones behind, especially when you move to a new location. Being able to change your Snapchat username can kill all the negativity your old username may feel. Add a new username that will suit you and the new location you move into. People change and now you can change your Snapchat username too.

7. Personal Convenience
Apart from security reasons you can simply change your Snapchat username for Convenience. The ability to change your username makes Snapchat flexible to use, especially if you have an account opened a long time ago. You can access it and use a more acceptable username without having to worry about losing followers. 

Note: Snapchat allows you to change your Snapchat username once a year. So use it carefully only when you have a valid reason, as it gives you a new online identity and allows you to keep unwanted people from finding you on the platform. 

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