YouTube Player For Education launched in the US and South Korea
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YouTube Player For Education launched in the US and South Korea a new initiative for education-focused player. It will display content that is normally used on educational apps.

With Player for Education,  the advertisements will be eliminated and the focus of attention is on the content. Google will partner with Edtech companies such as uch as EDpuzzle, Purdue University and Purdue Global, to provide this tool for more people and institutions.

YouTube, who just updated their existing player in Google Classroom, has plans to improve the system even more.

These will be first available in the US and South Korea, before expanding to more countries. They can be watched without ads and played in the background with a 2018 release started to launch in 2023.

YouTube announced Quizzes this week, which will allow creators to help viewers test their knowledge. Creators can post Quizzes whenever they are on YouTube to ask questions related to one of their videos and viewers can answer them.

According to YouTube, Quizzes are going to be rolled out in beta over the coming months and all creators can access them next year.

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