Zoom Chat officially Renamed as Zoom Team Chat
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On Monday Zoom officially renamed Zoom Chat to Zoom Team Chat. Zoom has gained immense popularity thanks to the pandemic which had many people working from home. The Zoom Chat feature is identical to the one available on Slack and Microsoft Teams. Additionally the company will also be releasing updates to its collaboration software.

Zoom has added ‘Team’ to its app to distinguish the features of Zoom meeting chat with the separate communications hub. According to Sharvari Nerurkar, Zoom Team Chat’s head of product, the Zoom Team Chat “helps make the distinction that it is a full collaborative hub product.” 

Zoom Team Chat is a chat software that offers video, audio, and text. You can use this chat program for synchronous and asynchronous talks with colleagues, no matter what type of device you are using.

With Zoom, you can save time by doing your work on one app, rather than jumping between apps. Users of the software all agree that the “friction”, or inconvenience, of multiple tools is too much, said Nerurkar.

Zoom has a few updates that  will be released by the end of the month. One update will make it easier to see what was discussed after the meeting is over. You will also be able to schedule meetings within Zoom Team Chat using text messages. Though the company will have to face a huge challenge to convince workplaces to switch to Zoom Team Chat from platforms such as Slack, Microsoft, and Google who are also rapidly building out their own workplace. 

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