3 new Alexa privacy settings you should know
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Amazon ran into trouble for violating the privacy of Alexa voice assistant users. Reports revealed the company using voice recording of user inquiries and storing them for human reviewers to analyze. Amazon has now added 3 new Alexa privacy settings you should know.

These drastic changes will make Alexa voice assistant setting and privacy policy will make it more secure. You can now customize the way Alexa hangs on your data and also tell her what to do with it by voice. It also offers a feature where you can keep your kids safe online when using Alexa by themselves.

Amazon Fall 2019 Hardware Event

Amazon this year at the Amazon Fall 2019 Hardware Event unveiled a number of products and features. This included the Echo Show 8, Echo Flex, and a number of other products. There was more attention given to the user’s privacy concerns during the entire presentation.

We also witnessed Alexa getting new skills and software upgrades. These added privacy features will give Alexa users more confidence for sure.

Ask Alexa Why?

Now users can ask Alexa voice assistant rational questions for her unusual behavior or responses. For instance, if Alexa is activated at an appropriate time, you can go ahead and question her “Alexa tell me what you heard? Or “Alexa, why did you do that?”

This will enable users to get answers to Alexa who informs them about the recording she has made or explains the process or words that led to its activation. This will help users know which candid speech or private audio is accidentally captured but the voice assistant. This will further help in the process of deleting the recordings.

Tell Alexa to Delete Recordings

In addition to Alexa users being able to ask questions, Amazon now gives its users the ability to delete recordings directly. You don’t need to go through a number of security settings to purge your recordings. Simply need to say “Alexa, delete everything I said today.”

In this way, you can keep your Alexa recordings history clean if done on a regular basis. It will prevent any transcribers from being able to look at private audio that may have been captured.

Alexa now safe for Kids

If you own an Echo device to message or call contacts, Alexa offers some new possibilities. Amazon will be introducing a new hub for privacy settings with its kid-focused products to help children stay safe online.

The new Alexa communications for kids, allow you to whitelist specific contacts to which you would want your kids to have access to. Likewise, you can also restrict their ability to connect with strangers online. All you need to take care of is purging Alexa’s recording of your kids, which you will only need to ask.
Automatically have Alexa purge recordings

Amazon now offers users the ability to delete all recordings in a timely manner. This helps the users who tend to forget to politely ask Alexa to stop spying. With this feature, you can delete user recordings and specifically tell Amazon to purge all entries on a rolling 3-month or 18-month basis.

With this in place you will not need to check your recordings frequently, or accidentally skip a day of telling Alexa to delete your recordings. You will also have a backup to make sure your conversations stay private.

Amazon is offering its users the freedom to how their data is handled. This just goes to show how much personal information we are sharing with these massive corporations.