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ADIFO UFO Drone looks alien but can surely fly efficiently. We all have been used to seeing drones that have four propellers spinning out at high speeds. This is what we always expect a drone to look like as it comes with no outer cover protection.

The latest UFO drone, however, comes with an exterior covering but it does not hamper its aerodynamics. ADIFO, which stands for All Direction Flying Object and is pronounced as Adipho has come up with a UFO type design for a drone.

The UFO drone comes with four electric duct fans (EDF) that are built into the airframe. This enables the drone to take off vertically and can easily be maneuvered at low speed. The ADIFO comes with two nozzles that extend backward and the holes are open vertically and horizontally, from where the air is injected. The movement is controlled by changing the nozzles and holes used depending on the direction of the flight.

The UFO drone is developed by Razvan Sabie, who developed the prototype with Iosif Taposu from the National Aviation Research Institute of Romania.

It looks similar to a B2 bomber which is able to take off vertically with four electric ducted fans. Test have been carried out which suggest it is capable of supersonic flight at high efficiency, without a prohibitive sonic boom.

We never know might just get to see alien-type UFO drones flying in the air and become part of our mainstream air space.

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