affordable laser SLA 3D printer
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Owning an SLA 3D printer was once a costly idea, things are no more the same. Now with the introduction of SolidMaker, you have a choice to own a user-friendly, affordable laser SLA 3D printer that will bring your creativity to life.

With the presence of crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo now you can afford to own printers as the prices tend to be more affordable and readily available products.

Solidmakers brings a highly affordable laser-based SLA printer, available on Kickstarter for $499.

The SLA3D printer comes with a number of features that offer professional quality prints to your desktop. When it comes to cost it offers you the best quality and features you can expect from high-end machines which would cost you anywhere around $1500.

The printer comes with a resin pump that keeps the vat full always full. It comes with a touchscreen interface.

You can print large volumes and automatic bed leveling.

SolidMaker is available in two variants ie SolidMaker and SolidMaker Pro

SolidMaker Tech Specs

Technology: Laser SLA (Stereolithography)
Printing Area: 120*120*150mm
XYZ Accuracy: XY- 0.003mm, Z-0.01mm
Layer Thickness: 0.025/0.05/0.1/0.2mm
Laser Speed: Up to 320mm/s
Laser Spot Size: 100μm
Laser Power: 100mW
Consumable: 405NM photosensitive resin
Resins: 3rd party compatible
Product Dimensions: 230*270*420mm/8kg
The Slicer: Solid Perform
Supported File Types: STL&OBJ
Offline Printing: USB connection
Calibration: Automatic Calibration

The technical specs for both models are same except the SolidMaker Pro comes with Touchscreen controls.