AirBan - Smart Air Purifying Bike Helmet
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Designer Nathan Hassanali has designed the AirBan smart air-purifying bike helmet, it offers you safety and security while commuting.

With over 2 billion vehicles on roads worldwide, air pollution has become a serious hazard. The number of vehicles is also estimated to be around 2 billion by the year 2035. While the WHO says 90 percent of the world population is exposed to highly toxic air pollutants, leading to millions of fatalities every year. Given the fact that there is no physical activity to counter the adverse effects of air pollution, it leads to nearly 3.2 million fatalities each year. The cyclists are the worst hit by this situation as they are exposed the most to air pollutants.AirBan - Smart Air Purifying Bike Helmet-1The conceptual AirBan smart air-purifying bike helmet can prove to protect cyclists from inhaling such toxic fumes. AirBan is ready to take on the unavoidable air pollution crisis. The smart helmet sucks polluted air, filters it, and flows pure air into the fixed face shield placed at a slight distance from the face.AirBan - Smart Air Purifying Bike Helmet-2While the riders move ahead, the air keeps passing through the front vents. As it enters the air channel, the air is simultaneously drawn from the rear through a small brushless fan, it projects the air to the breathable position.

With the air entering the AirBan from both the channels it is filtered through the HEPA filter, it removes 99.97% of 0.3 μm particulates. The activated carbon layer eliminates any smoke, odors, or other pollutants ensures the rider gets clean air even in the most polluted environment.

The smart helmet has a light frame and features a head adjustment system and cushion padding. The system is powered by rechargeable batteries at the rear. Alternatively, the user has a choice to opt for a magnetically connected cable, it pairs with a portable battery pack the size of a water bottle. The design is lean and users can holster it to the bike frame or put it under the saddle.AirBan - Smart Air Purifying Bike Helmet-3The smart helmet can also be paired with a phone via an app, it helps speed changes and increase and decrease the airflow. It is able to sense the environment for air pollution and react accordingly by adjusting its filtering. Similarly while on an open stretch at high speeds the fresh air flow is reduced through the fan vent. While the GPS will help you determine the fan’s rpm enabling a constant flow of pure air.

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