Airmini - Next-Gen Super Fast Portable SSD 
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AIRmini, a next-gen super-fast portable SSD designed by Eric Winner offers wireless transfer files between multiple devices. The device is quick too when it comes to file transfer, with a speed of up to 2200mbps, perhaps AIRmini is the fastest SSD  you can lay your hands on. AIRmini fast portable SSD can help you take your backups, store files and even stream video clips without any cable and to multiple devices. You can buy a 1TB  variant for $143

The AIRmini is almost the size of a Snicker bar and has a storage space of 4 TB. The device is waterproof, dustproof, and features a rugged outer body. In addition to the huge storage capacity and wireless connectivity, AIRmini also offers cloud-based storage. To be honest, with the huge storage capacity and the ability to store your files without internet or any subscription fees if you pick to go for a cloud server, the next-gen super-fast SSD is a good option. 

The Wifi 6 connectivity with the tiny SSD creates a high-speed connection to transfer files real quick. While the Thunderbolt 3-powered USB-C port on the SSD maximizes the transfer speeds, allowing you to backup your 128 GB smartphone in under a minute. Airmini - Next-Gen Super Fast Portable SSD-1AIRmini also acts as a portable server in your pocket, like no other SSD. You can pair it simultaneously with around 4 devices, share and access data between them without the need to connect to any single cable. The next-gen super-fast portable SSD is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and Linux devices. The AIRmini can work seamlessly with all your gadgets from your phone, tablet, and laptop, to even devices like your game consoles, action cam, drone, and DSLR.

The companion app can help you remotely trigger a quick smartphone backup by pushing a button on the AIRmini device. The AIRmini comes equipped with 256-bit AES encryption to keep your files safe and secure adding an impermeable layer of digital protection.

The best part is AIRmini offers all this at an affordable price and is much safer than cloud storage. Cloud storage may be on Google Drive or iCloud would prove costly given their subscription-based business models. AIRmini also offers a 5-year warranty and comes in three variants i.e. 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB.

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