Amazon’s Fire OS update
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Amazon’s Fire OS update brings Miracast display mirror support to Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. The latest version started rolling out to devices yesterday. There was no mention of any added feature or changes it will bring. By the time you realize all the new features and add one thing that seems prominent is the support for Miracast screen mirroring.

Miracast enables users to easily project their devices on their TV or monitor. Earlier Miracast support was available for Fire TV models but disappeared after the arrival of Fire OS 6 on Fire TV 3.

This has been taken care of by Amazon in the latest version of its Fire TV Stick. The mention of 4k in its model name itself makes it obvious it will support Ultra HD displays. As far as the form factor is concerned there are no changes and it looks similar to a non 4K version of the Fire TV Stick. It remains completely hidden once plugged directly into a monitor or TV HDMI port.

The new feature is not listed as Miracast in the Fire TV menu. It is mentioned as “Display Mirroring”. You will need to enable Miracast by going to “Display and Sounds” menu. For this, you will need to head over to the Setting menu. This will work without any hassles as long as the device you want to mirror also supports Miracast feature.

Generally many devices around support Miracast, Windows 10 laptops and tablets also can connect with a TV using the standard. Most of the Android phone can also connect using Miracast to the TV.

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