Apple AirPods - Are they worth the upgrade
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Apple AirPods were introduced by the company in 2016, after its decision five years ago to kill the headphone jack on future iPhones.

Ever since they have been launched they have dominated the markets. Apple on Oct 26 introduced its third generation of AirPods adding a bit more variety for the consumers in terms of the pricing as well the functionality. Offers users the option to pick the best AirPods to suit their lifestyle, but it is worth the update. 

Latest Apple AirPods

Apple’s new AirPods have been recently introduced in the market, and they do lack some key features available in the pricier AirPods Pro. Yet you are better off upgrading from the second-generation counterparts released in 2019.

The new case is almost the same size as its earlier predecessor. It is shorter and wider than the taller AirPods 2 case and also lighter. You can also charge them wirelessly as it also supports MagSafe. 

They are designed with a shorter stem and a force sensor to use touch controls. Though you will need to calibrate them a bit in case you are used to tapping the AirPods to change songs or pause. While you can gently grab the stem to skip songs with your index finger on the force sensor and press down. The button press will signal your inputs. 

The third-generation AirPods are super easy to set up with the iPhone. The moment you open the case you will get a prompt on your phone saying “Connect”.  Easy peasy!

The one thing that stands out about the new AirPods is the quality of sound. It uses spatial audio to deliver a fuller sound when listening to music or podcasts. When you are hearing conversations on a podcast, it feels like the voices originate from different spaces, they don’t sound like a recording.

Apple earbuds are pushed to the forefront with additional touches. The in-ear detection has been tweaked enabling a better sense when you are removing the earbuds, and in turn, saving battery life. Apple AirPods - Are they worth the upgrade

The latest Apple AirPods offer up to six hours of listening time, this is extended up to 30 hours with the combination of the cases that recharge the AirPods. 

You can also take advantage of Apple’s tool for finding lost devices – Find My app which is supported on these AirPods. You don’t need to worry about losing them, as you can use a proximity view a similar feature available on AirTags

The AirPods will also have enhanced support on the Find My app, Apple’s tool for finding lost devices. You can use a proximity view, similar to what’s offered on AirTags, to get a location on your AirPods, as well as separation alerts if they’re not within Bluetooth range.

The one thing that you may not enjoy any more with the latest AirPods is the active noise cancellation which drowns out ambient sound to allow your music or other audio to stand out. This feature though will be available for you on AirPods Pro. Similarly, it’s also available with some lower-cost earbud models such as the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds and Amazon’s Echo Buds. 

You can buy the latest Apple AirPods on Amazon for $179. While the new Razer earbuds will cost you $130 and Echo Buds around $140. Some of the other earbuds for you to choose from apart from the AirPods in case of a limited price budget.

Though one should not forget AirPods offer the best when it comes to sound quality, comfort, and features if you’re willing to spend a little more money.

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