Apple iPhone 14 Design Leaked Online
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Apple iPhone 14 design leaked online a year ahead. The details leaked by Jon Prosser, a YouTuber reveal it has no camera module, no notch, and a design that feels like the spiritual successor to the iPhone 4 which would complete its 11th year anniversary on the day.

This seems like someone dropped a bombshell just ahead of the September 14th invite where Apple will be launching the iPhone 13.

According to Prosser, he managed to gain access to the images via supply chain workers and used them to create renders that do appropriate justice to the design.

The renders suggest iPhone 4 features the same flat-edge design, a flat camera module underneath a glass back, and a metal rim running along the sides. There is a presence of 3 rear camera lenses and you won’t see the divisive notch that’s been around with the iPhone for nearly 5 years, taking into account the iPhone 13 arriving next week.Apple iPhone 14 Design Leaked Online-1Prosser in collaboration with RendersBylan has visualized the phone. Keeping to the reputation of offering incremental progress and upgrades, Apple stays true with the iPhone 14 as well. The iPhone 4 the cameras are flushed nicely at the back, the circular buttons against the metal rim on the side, and a silhouette that is just as bit iconic as it was back in 2011.Apple iPhone 14 Design Leaked Online-2At the front side is the biggest visual change, you won’t get to see the notch on the front screen, a hole punch camera design that’s been around with Android phones for a while.

We are not sure if this will make it for real, but it seems like a solution by Apple to come up with a replacement for FaceID. As a result of which it does not need the massive unibrow on the top of the phone. Some users have speculated it being an in-screen fingerprint while others suggest the fingerprint scanner could be merged within the power button.Apple iPhone 14 Design Leaked Online-6In Prosser’s video, you can view the possible color options and materials used. Though this is just speculation, the YouTuber claims to have seen images of iPhone 14 Pro Max. So it is not yet clear which other variants Apple will be releasing and if there’s an iPhone 14 Mini too.Apple iPhone 14 Design Leaked Online-5You will no longer be able to see the aluminum chassis, instead, Apple features a new titanium variant according to the Prosser. Earlier Ming-Chi Kuo, reported iPhone 14 being portless ie. the smartphone would need to rely solely on wireless communication and wireless charging, putting the phone’s MagSafe feature front and center. With a flat back panel, it will only help the phone go a great distance as it rests on flat chargers and wireless communication devices too.Apple iPhone 14 Design Leaked Online-3Having said that, it is too early to ascertain the claims, as we still have to wait for around 13 months more. Let’s not forget the ongoing chip shortage and hope the next iPhone launch goes smoothly.

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