Apple M1 Max GPU Is Faster than M1
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If you are wondering if the Apple M1 Max GPU is faster than M1, the answer is yes it is almost three times faster than the first-generation M1 included in 2020’s 13-inch MacBook Pro.

According to Geekbench, an M1 Max with 64GB of unified memory clocking a Metal score of 68870. The results display an average score of roughly 21800 for the 13-inch MacBook Pro with an M1 chip.

Geekbench also revealed M1 Max outscores the results for AMD’s Radeon Pro 5600M, the most performant GPU offered with last year’s 16-inch MacBook Pro, outpacing the former MacBook torch bearer by 62%.

From the Geekbench post, it is not sure what M1 Max configuration is represented. Though during Apple’s Unleashed event on Monday, the company taunted maximum performance on par with the discrete GPU in a high-end PC laptop. The M1 Max is available in two variants i.eM1 Max 24 core and M1 Max 32 core GPU configurations, both can be accompanied by up to 64GB of unified RAM.

Steve Troughton Smith in a tweet said the score falls short of more than 90000 points achieved by the laptop version of Nvidia’s class-leading RTX 3080, suggesting they belong to an M1 Max with a 24-core GPU.

The latest Metal scores after the two days’ first single and multi-core CPU score hit the Geekbench Browser, illustrate a 50% increase over the 8-core M1. Following tests have been posted on Geekbench and corroborate the initial results.

With this, the M1 Max join M1 Pro as Apple’s new “pro” level silicon designs. M1 Max features a 10-core CPU and a 24- or 32-core GPU, while the M1 Pro comes with 8- or 10-core CPU and a 14- or 16-core GPU. Users can opt for both the configurations on both 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models.

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