New Macbook Design
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Apple filed a patent for a new Macbook design with its own integrated Apple pencil at the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). The new Macbook design reveals the pencil would be neatly placed within the keyboard while not in use. It can also be popped out and used as an input device on the screen or the trackpad. It will not only be an alternative for the mouse but also provide extra features similar to MacBook such as the F-key functionality.

Patently Apple discovered the patent drawing which displays the presence of an Apple Pencil within a MacBook, though a bit confusing but is exciting. With the introduction of pencil, it will somewhat eliminate the iPad Pros superiority to an extent. The introduction of the pencil will bring together the notebook to create a synergy between them. It will only help extend the user experience of Apple’s Universal Control feature.New Macbook DesignThe patent images suggest the pencil sits in the top corner, it is between the Pencils docking area and the Touch ID button. It will sit within the MacBooks magnetic docking area and will charge while not in use.

You can pop it out and use it on the screen as well as a trackpad, but the new Macbook design does not clearly mention it. As of now, it is pretty clear it is not an ordinary stylus for sure. The Pencil will accompany a number of buttons or touch zones on it and will double up like a row of Function keys while docked. You can also calibrate/control settings like your screen’s brightness, media volume, or more specifically brush sizes as you sketch on the MacBook screen.New Macbook Design
It is pretty early to predict Apple will actually come out with this product for the public. Patents are regularly filed by companies to protect intellectual property. We must also not forget the Pencil is due for a redesign the patent design is certainly exciting and might as well make it to the production line.New Macbook Design

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