Apple Power Mac Series
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Apple Power Mac series, a modern design by Ayush Singh Patel, a designer at Boat Nirvana. His design of the classic personal computer is a tribute to the innovative design team at Apple all these years, certainly would match Tim Cook’s vision.

Apple has been progressive when it comes to personal computers right from its early years. Be it the Power Mac, a family of personal computers designed, manufactured, later it was rebranded and launched in 1994 as it gradually started to fade its charm on people in the latter half of 2006.

According to MacWorld Magazine, “The most important technical evolution of the Macintosh since the Mac II debuted in 1987.”Apple Power Mac Series Ayush-Singh-Patel

Power Mac by Apple was the first computer to use a PowerPC processor. Software written for Motorola 68030 and 68040 processors were used in it. Later a Mac emulator was included with System 7.1.2 as the Mac was not able to run on the PowerPC natively. This provided good compatibility with the existing Mac software. Though it dropped the performance, it was almost one-third slower than comparable Macintosh Quadra machines.Apple Power Mac Series Ayush-Singh-Patel 2

Now let’s take a look at the various concepts through the eyes of the designer.Apple Power Mac Series Ayush-Singh-Patel 3

In 2006, at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Phil Schiller announced the arrival of Mac Pro. This was the official end of Power Mac, though the G5’s enclosure design was retained for the latest Mac Pro, which continued for seven more years. This was the longest design to survive in Apple’s history.Apple Power Mac Series_1

This year Apple Spring Event 2021 saw the arrival of the M1 iMac with seven color variants. Just goes to show Tim Cook is looking at the past for some inspiration into the future. Now they are reversing this trend which may give Power Mac a second life who knows.Apple Power Mac Series_2Related Articles:

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