Apple TV With Built-in Power Plug With Magsafe Charger
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Designer Ivan Anton designed an Apple Tv with a built-in power plug with Magsafe Charger to wirelessly power its iPhone-style remote. The concept focuses on the Apple TV remote, which was a major highlight when Apple released its second-generation Apple TV this year, though it was pretty ordinary as it came with not many updates from its earlier version.

The new Apple remote came with a different design, layout, and color from its predecessor. The new remote complemented the refined features introduced by Apple TV 4K. The designer chose to further enhance the design, making it a more integrated device.Apple TV With Built-in Power Plug With Magsafe Charger-1The designer’s Apple TV 2021 concept features a wall plug built-in. The design is amazing as it not only offers a compact build but is also practical though it may be debatable until you end up using something like this.Apple TV With Built-in Power Plug With Magsafe Charger-2The Apple TV with Built-in Power Plug also has the ability to interact with Siri, who needs a remote anyways. The device integrates the MagSafe charger into the Apple TV unit, making it convenient to stick it to the back of the set-top box.Apple TV With Built-in Power Plug With Magsafe Charger-3The Apple TV is a neat device, though it still requires a few wires. The Apple TV with Built-in Power Plug can help you remove the wire clutter and make the power cable slot from the bottom disappear. The MagSafe chargers at the front with the Apple logo will be right in the center, with only the Ethernet and an HDMI port.Apple TV With Built-in Power Plug With Magsafe Charger-4It is a remarkable concept, as it comes with an integrated wall socket, which makes the set-top box look a little ordinary. Though it will go a long way in minimizing wires around the TV set. While the iPhone-style remote with the ability to wirelessly charge from the Apple TV unit is something Apple should take note of.Apple TV With Built-in Power Plug With Magsafe Charger-5

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