Babypod Speakers
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Babypod Speakers are just like a love child of Gwyneth Paltrow’s “lifestyle brand” Goop and Apple Airpods. Babypod is inter-vaginal speaker designed to blast your unborn child with music.

Babypod is small speakers that will cost you around $150, can be plugged into any music playing device and need to be inserted into the vagina. Then you can gently play your favorite tunes into the womb. Babypod also comes with earphones that hang out of the vagina, this allows the father and mother both to listen along with the unborn child. The artists available on the playlist right now are Sonic Youth, Childish Gambino apart from this you can also play your own artists.

The Spanish company on its website mentions “Music [activates] language and communication stimulation centers, inducing a response of vocal movements. Babies learn to talk sticking out their tongues. With Babypod, babies begin to vocalize from the womb.”

It is believed listening to music benefits the fetus during the development stages inside the womb. This can be achieved by playing some nice classical music on the radio while you are pregnant.

Babypod on the other hands tends to differ, giving reference to Institut Marquès, a Spanish gynecological clinic the site claims –

The fetus hears only the sounds that come directly from the vagina and barely hears the noises from the outside.


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The team of researchers has also won a prize at the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony at Harvard University, and the Ig Informal Lectures at MIT. The research showed that 87 percent of babies react to music streamed vaginaly by bobbing their head and shimmying their body.

As far as safety is concerned it is not advisable to insert anything inside your body as it might be risky. You need to extra cautious when you are pregnant for potential infections and are advised not to use the device without a doctors clearance.

If you have an argument saying the soundwaves might be dangerous for the baby, well there is no evidence to it. Also since this is something quite new there not much scientific research done in this direction.

As far as safety is concerned the product is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a “general welfare product”. This means the device is not treated in the same category as medical devices but suggests the device is not overly dangerous and can potentially hold some positive benefits for general well-being.

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