Best Ergonomic Laptop Stand
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This is the best Ergonomic Laptop Stand that doubles up as a sleeve for your laptop. Designed by Jexter Lim, is a comfortable stand that people can use while they travel or work remotely. The ergonomic laptop stand is a perfect companion for your laptop as it does not compromise on its compactness and portability aspect.

FLIKK Laptop Stand and Sleeve, is the best ergonomic laptop stand as it features the unique functionality of deploying the laptop sleeve into an ergonomic stand in the blink of an eye.
It is not easy to find a laptop stand that provides desired elevation and the right viewing angles. This is where the FLIKK Laptop Stand and Sleeve comes into the picture as it offers the desired viewing angle for a comfortable working regime anytime, anywhere.Best Ergonomic Laptop Stand -1The designer has efficiently designed the laptop stand to cover all the aspects that spoil the user experience and function of the accessory.

The ergonomic Laptop Stand also seamlessly transforms into a laptop sleeve to reach your next destination without carrying a traditional bulky laptop stand.Best Ergonomic Laptop Stand -2Users have been usually using books and things around them in an attempt to get their laptop to rest in a desired elevated position. Though this may work but trust us, it is not always easy to get a decent viewing angle using these methods.Best Ergonomic Laptop Stand The FLIKK stand is a sensible choice as it is lightweight and easy to carry around effortlessly. It is slim and sturdy and you can easily pull and pop it into action.Best Ergonomic Laptop Stand -3According to the designer, interacting with numerous laptop users she reached a conclusion that a 4cm or 6cm height range (15° or 20° angle) for the stand would be optimal for comfortable viewing and relaxed wrists.Best Ergonomic Laptop Stand -4The stand can easily be deployed single-handedly and can take around 120 pounds of weight. The ergonomic laptop stand is 25 cm which makes it ideal for most laptops around.

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