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WiPhone best phone for hacking is a unique minimal phone which allows hackers to make it easy to extend and modify the electronics and software. Apart from this, it is useful for making everyday VoIP free calls for regular users. This feature you will not find with your regular phones.

WiPhone is not just a hacking phone but is also a VoIP mobile phone which uses Wifi to make HD quality voice calls for free. The phone allows you to make calls without the need to have a service provider for life. WiPhone for all your electronics hacking

WiPhone is an ideal platform for all your electronics hacking as it is adaptable, powerful, and programmable. The durable case with a small and portable body makes it easy to handle and carry. It comes with an inbuilt interface with an LCD screen, a button panel, a battery with an inbuilt charging system, and wireless connectivity. Features you won’t find on your usual phones.

It is not easy for people to run experiments on their smartphones as they lack electrical connectors, no hardware support for controlling the low-level hardware like processor output pins. Above all, it is not easy to dismantle, repair or modify your regular smartphones.

This is where WiPhone beats them all as it solves all the problems mentioned above and gives you a perfect tool every hacker, maker, or engineer would desire. It gives you direct access to the I/O, an ESP32 processor which is easy to program. You are ready to work with all the basics in place like the user interface, power management, and on/off the circuit, working code.

You don’t need to set up parts like power management and start working on your project. It is a clean tool that comes with no wires or ugly stack of dev boards, is durable, and comes with great looks.

Smartphones we use we don’t own them instead they own us as they serve the interest of numerous tracking networks, corporate boards, and government organizations. WiPhone, on the other hand, puts you in control of your phone and offers you an optimized phone for your convenience.WiPhone-best-phone-for-hacking

WiPhone – Make Free Calls

WiPhone is a good option for regular users as well as it offers free calls for life. The phone comes with a Wifi which allows you to make crystal clear HD voice calls. All need is a Wifi connection, you can also connect your home Wifi connections, no need for any service contract, you can upgrade the phone’s firmware to expand its capabilities.

How to make Free calls on WiPhone?

You will need a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) account to start making free calls. If you don’t have a SIP account you can register for one here. Many users are already using various VoIP apps like Skype, WhatsApp and Viber to makes free calls but with WiPhone you can use VoIP technology directly. Certainly, the phone promises a lot as far as software and instructions to work seamlessly once the campaign is over.

Start making your first free call on WiFi

  • You will need a SIP account which you can register here.
  • Log in on your WiPhone using the credentials from your SIP account
  • Make a CallVoIP Free calls


Expanding your WiPhone

You can expand your WiPhone using various daughter boards. The entire back of the phone comes with a replaceable panel. The panel accepts a standard 1.6mm thickness PCB, which you can use to add whatever functionality you like. You can end up building an RC car, Sparklephony(RGB array), Camera, Bus Pirate, Programmable NFC+RFID, Qwiic+Grove, Flashlight, BarCode Scanner, Weather Monitor. You can read more about it here.

The phone is available in two variants Basic Edition and Wiphone Pro, both are available in two color variants ie clear and colored front face. You can pledge for the WiPhone for $89 for the basic model or pay $50 more to receive a WiPhone pro upgrade later. The phones are expected to be delivered by August 2019 and are available for shipping to select countries only. WiPhone comes with FCC, CE, and IC certifications, and will also be RoHS compliant.

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