Best Smart Locks Of 2021
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There a number of smart locks you can buy, if you are confused we have got a list of the best smart locks of 2020. Smart locks offer additional security compared to traditional locks.

It comes with features that you can control wireless, control with your voice via Alexa or Google Assistant, and are easy to install. One of the best features that come with most smart locks is the notifications, you get notified if someone tries to break into your house. Something you will not find on the traditional locks out there.

You can get yourself one of the best smart locks from the list mentioned below:

Best Smart Locks Of 2021

1. August Smart LockAugust Smart LockAugust Smart Lock comes loaded with smart features that notify you if the door is locked or left open. You can also remotely unlock or lock your door via your smartphone. The smart lock offers a number of customizations such as auto-lock the door after the door is closed and auto-unlock when you are near the door.

August Smart Lock pairs with Bluetooth, Apple HomeKit, Z-Wave Plus, and other smart home technology. Allow keyless entry access to trusted loved ones while you are away from home using the August mobile app.

2. Schlage Smart LockSchlage-Smart-LockAs the Schlage Smart Lock is a deadbolt it offers resistance and extra home protection without needing a key. The smart lock includes a built-in LED backlight touchscreen keypad with fingerprint resistance to ensure your code is undetectable after years of use.

Once you enter the keycode the motorized bolt automatically locks and unlocks. It takes merely 30 seconds for the auto-locking functionality to automatically lock. Use your smartphone or mobile device to conveniently lock or unlock the door.

3. SimpliSafe Smart LockSimpliSafe Smart LockYou can control the SimpliSafe Smart Lock the way you want. It is compatible with most existing standard door locks, deadlocks, and keys for easy installation. It also does not damage your door as SimpliSafe Smart Lock has been tested not to extend its deadbolt until your door is shut tight. It comes in a number of finishes, choose the one that matches your door.

It supports Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant which means you can control your voice. You can lock or unlock it with the built-in keypad, key fob, and smartphone. The smart lock comes with a timer, it automatically locks when you set a timer for your system.

4. Yale Lock with Nest ConnectYale Lock with Nest ConnectYale Lock with Nest ConnectYale Lock with Nest Connect is a powerful home security system as it comes with a tamper-proof, keyless deadbolt that deters burglars. You can lock or unlock the smart lock with one touch feature or using your voice. For this, you can use Alexa, Google Assistant, the Nest app, or a unique code.

The tamper-proof design ensures you get notified automatically on your smartphone if the lock is altered. Allow access to your friends and family while you are away. Pairs easily with Nest Secure alarm to automatically disable the alarm when the door is unlocked.

5. ADT Smart LockADT Smart Lock

ADT Smart Lock comes with features like programmable locking, keyless entry, and real-time alerts which ensure it offers you sound protection from burglars. The bump guard comes with a smart lock to protect against thieves bumping the door to intrude.

You can also view live footage if you have already installed the ADT security cameras via the ADT mobile app installed on your smartphone. You can also use it to remotely unlock the door for visitors.

ADT smart lock comes with a one-touch button that enables you to quickly and securely lock your door. You can easily enter keycodes even in the dark as the keypad comes with a backlight.

6. Yale Assure LockYale Assure LockIt is a powerful deadbolt that can easily be monitored using the Yale Secure mobile app or Apple HomeKit. Yale Assure Lock features an Auto Relock which enables your door to automatically lock just in case you forget. The smart lock is compatible with Siri, which makes it possible to use voice command via Apple TV and Apple Home mobile apps to lock and unlock your home easily.

You can create 25 different keyless entry codes to allow access to your friends and family to the Yale Secure mobile app while you are away. The LED-backlit touchscreen keypad makes it easy to enter even at night.

7. Kwikset Electronic DeadboltKwikset Electronic DeadboltKwikset Electronic DeadboltKwikset Electronic Deadbolt is battery-powered and is easy to install. All you need is a screwdriver to install it. The smart lock comes with two options for locking ie keypad and keys and automatically locks in 30 seconds. Features a key-free touchpad to easily lock and unlock your door. It allows you to create up to 16 entry keycodes for added protection.

8. Ultraloq Smart LockUltraloq-Smart-LockThe battery-powered Ultraloq Smart Lock offers low power consumption with an extended battery life of up to 8,000 lock access times. You will be notified on your mobile in case of low battery and you can also unlock your door for true key-free entry via your smartphone.

Offers 5 keyless entry options within the one lock such as your smartphone, entry code, and fingerprint recognition. You can create up to 95 unique keyless entry codes to unlock your door using the smart door lock’s touchscreen.

9. Samsung Digital Door LockSamsung Digital Door LockSamsung Digital Door Lock is equipped with auto-locking and double locking features to keep your home safe and secure. The smart lock allows you to create 21 unique entry codes for your friends and family to get access to the lock while you are away.

When the lock is tampered send an automatic alarm to the indoors of the home. The smart lock used RFID for easy and quick scanning to unlock the door. All you need is to enter two numbers prior to entering the pin to confuse lurking thieves.

10. TurboLock Smart LockTurboLock Smart LockTurboLock Smart Lock is a tough smart lock built to last in harsh weather conditions. Built with sturdy steel to support outdoor use. The TurboLock’s Code Camouflage feature keeps your family safe by entering the first digit of the code, any following numbers, and the rest of the keyless code to confuse those lurking nearby.

It takes the smart lock merely three seconds to lock the door once it’s unlocked. It can be fitted on both left and right hinged doors. Support eight users with varying code lengths to improve security.