BLUETTI AC300 & B300 Modular Solar Generator Will Keep you Off the Grid for Years
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BLUETTI AC300 & B300 modular solar generator will keep you off the grid for years. So the next time you venture outdoors seeking clean, green, and quiet power you can rely on the modular solar generator to continue living the modern lifestyle.

Digital transformation is commendable and to live without power banks or battery packs is unimaginable. Though the amount of energy derived from these devices is limited. While you are outdoors camping or during emergencies and during power outages, the power requirements increase. We require a lot of energy to power not only our smartphones but also many other devices from laptops, cameras, and more.

BASIC AC300+B300 Expansion Battery
BASIC AC300+B300 Expansion Battery

This is where BLUETTI AC300 & B300 modular solar generator comes in handy. The device comes with a wide assortment of portable power stations that offer large batteries that can power your house easily. The decision to buy such a device cannot be taken instantly, though the special seasonal prices should probably get you excited. It is better to prepare for the storm in advance than regret it later.

STANDARD AC300 + 2*B300 Expansion Batteries
STANDARD AC300 + 2*B300 Expansion Batterie

The BLUETTI AC300 & B300 modular solar generator is the company’s champion product. It offers power and flexibility according to your power requirements. The BLUETTI AC300 is a 3000W Pure Sine AC inverter that enables you to power even the most demanding appliances. The inverter does not have its own battery, instead, you can connect it with up to four of these 3,027 Wh B300 modules.

PROFESSIONAL 2*AC300 + 2B300 Expansion Batteries+Fusion Box Pro
PROFESSIONAL 2*AC300 + 2B300 Expansion Batteries+Fusion Box Pro

Additionally, you can connect two similar combinations for a whopping 24,576Wh or 6000W 24V of power to run the whole house. The best part is the modular setup, which means you decide how many modules you want to connect. This makes it easy to maneuver around the house or outdoors accordingly.

The Bluetti AC200 MAX is larger than the AC300 as it features its own  2,048Wh battery. This means it can be used as a standalone device, though you can also add up to two B230 or B300 battery modules when you need more power. Similar to its sibling the AC200 MAX can power multiple devices or appliances simultaneously, courtesy of the 16 outputs ranging from AC outlets to USB-C ports.

PREMIUM AC300+2*B300+3*PV350 Solar Panels
PREMIUM AC300+2*B300+3*PV350 Solar Panels

As far as portability is concerned the Bluetti EP500 is the go get device, thanks to its large 5,100Wh capacity.  It is quite bulky, though the wheels make it a mobile power station you can connect to your home’s main grid and get into action the moment power goes down. You can connect two of these together for the ultimate home power supply with Bluetti’s Fusion Box.

If you are more concerned about portability the EB55 and EB70 are the devices. They provide 537Wh and 716Wh of power, respectively featuring lighter batteries. The devices offer enough juice for a quick, relaxing trip outdoors. Like all other Bluetti power stations, these are charged with solar energy. 

Bluetti PV350 Solar Panel is yet another product on offer at discounted prices by the company. It guarantees 350W of power on a sunny day, and won’t break a sweat on cloudy ones.

The company is offering huge discounts on many of its products this Easter.  You can get the idea of the amount you save on these devices, for instance, AC300 and two B300 batteries’ regular price is $5,799 can be all yours for $5,399 a saving of $400, a single B300 battery module will cost only $1,899 after a $100 discount. BLUETTI AC300 & B300 Modular Solar Generator Will Keep you Off the Grid for Years-1While the PV200 Solar Panel’s regular price is $499 with a discount of $70 can be yours for $429 during that promo period. The products not only promise you the ability to live off the grid but also the choice to go completely green, courtesy of the solar panels that charge the clean and quiet power generators. 

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