Cabin - A Usb Storage Solution In Disguise 
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Cabin is a USB storage solution in disguise designed by Homm Studio, Yeseul Kim, Edo Kim, and Yu Shan Huang. If you like to have computer accessories and toys on your desk, Cabin USB storage is for you. 

In today’s digital world it would be rare not to rely on digital files and artifacts. Many of us use a USB thumb drive or external hard drive to store such documents which also makes it easy to carry around. Additionally, we also use memory cards to move images from the digital cameras to your computers. Cabin - A Usb Storage Solution In Disguise-1These devices end up taking up space on your desk or lost in drawers. It seems like they don’t have a good home in our workspaces. Cabin USB storage is just what the doctor ordered, as it’s designed to offer a USB drive and decorative functionality.Cabin - A Usb Storage Solution In Disguise-2The Cabin USB storage looks identical to a winter cabin in the mountains and nowhere close to how a USB drive should be. The designer’s imagination brings the connection between the two where it is used as a transient location for people or for data. It’s more like a place where people make and store memories, something that relates to data stored in these data storage solutions.Cabin - A Usb Storage Solution In Disguise-3The Cabin USB storage is a creative way to blend utility and decoration in a fun way. The Cabin set looks like a white cabin with a red chimney on top of a white plain. The three components form a deceptive computer accessory bundle.Cabin - A Usb Storage Solution In Disguise-4The base of the house is an external hard drive, with its ridges representing the mountain tops in winter.  The USB hub is positioned on the roof for data cards. While the red chimney is the USB flash drive. The size of the USB flash is rather small, looks like it will have limited space for file storage. Cabin - A Usb Storage Solution In Disguise-5

The design is different and not many manufacturers have ventured in the direction of turning computer accessories into desk toys. Maybe the demand for such tech toys will change in the near future, allowing you to express your personality through such devices. 

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