Store Massive Data In A Single SD Card
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You have been handling various kinds of data on your smartphone, laptop, etc and it becomes tedious to maintain it. Would it not be nice to someday be able to store all your enormous media collection onto a single SD card. A few days ago the SD Association which sets the standards for memory cards announced the launch of a new format called SD Express, which PCI Express and NVMe interface to the cards.

It comes with a massive advantage as it can stores data at speeds of as much as 985 MB per second. The latest formats stand out as it has maximized the capacity of SD cards from 2 TB to a whopping 128 TB, which gives it a possibility to replace an SD card with your hard drives unless you need a faster transfer speed.

If you are not familiar with the technicalities, an SD Express can squeeze more than 25,000 HD movies onto one SD card. If we have to store photos, assuming each to be around 500 kB, you could end up storing around 256 million photos with a high-end SD card. Also, It could hold 25.6 million songs that just goes to show it could easily store Spotify’s entire library of 35 million tunes in just 2 such cards.

Though the SD cards with greater storage capacity and transfer speed is a boon for video creators shooting in 4K, 8K or VR. But practically speaking a 128TB is the ideal capacity. A 1 TB card is rare and the cost of a 512 GB card is high. We guess would mean a lot to own a 128 TB card as it would cost you even more and will take time to be available in the market If it ever makes its way.

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