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COFFEEJACK World’s Smallest Coffee Maker for all you coffee lovers. Enjoy the espresso-making setup that offers the taste of your favorite coffee. The pint-sized coffee machine is designed by Ashley Hribar-Green & Matthew Aston Cain will rival any professional-grade espresso maker.

The small form factor coffee machine features a hydraulic pump, patents for which are pending. This makes it easy to carry around anywhere you go. Easy to work with any coffee grind, which allows you the pleasure of enjoying your expresso anytime.

Unlike the huge Nespresso and Keurig pods that pollute the earth, COFFEEJACK is able to pump out coffee effortlessly in the excess of 9 bars of pressure.

Don’t be fooled by the size of the coffee maker as it not only delivers you an espresso that is as deliciously thick but with a layer of flavor-packed cream on top, similar to the one at your favorite barista-made using professional maker

The pressure created is around 9-10 bar with COFFEEJACK, something you won’t see in Moka pot or Aeropress which manage around 1 bar and 4 bars of pressure respectively. The amount of pressure in such a compact coffee maker and the ease to effortlessly move around with you makes it an ideal choice.
COFFEEJACK is eco-friendly and is made out of 100% recycled plasticcoffee maker

Since you won’t be using coffee cups and lids made from harmful plastic laminates you will help build a better planet. You can buy the COFFEEJACK for $99 at a 46% discount on the original price tag of $146. Already the project has managed to raise over $1,800,000.World’s Smallest Coffee