COMM - A Smart Screen Concept To Work From Home Efficiently
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COMM is a smart screen concept that will help you work from home efficiently. With working from home becoming a buzzword, especially during the pandemic. Work from home has turned out to be a way of life for many employees, businesses, students, and teachers, especially since the past couple of years. 

Many of you have built your own home office and managed a setup that works for you. Things can get boring and would be fun to move around the furniture or switch things a bit bringing more inspiration to your work.COMM - A Smart Screen Concept To Work From Home Efficiently-1Designed by Eunjung | Fountain Studio is a concept device that helps people communicate from home. It provides a simple way to send and receive messages, gives feedback, and deliver what needs to be done. COMM improves work efficiency, especially with the angled screen which offers a more comfortable viewing when sitting down. Making your experience comfortable and offering an ergonomic workspace. COMM - A Smart Screen Concept To Work From Home Efficiently-2COMM features a touchscreen display that shows the different functions. The other features incorporated include sharing information, reporting, expression of emotions, mutual understanding, and idea suggestions. According to South Korean designer Eunjeong with Fountain Studio, your homework environment can “feel” more like a real office with this simple device.COMM - A Smart Screen Concept To Work From Home Efficiently-3COMM comes with a rotating top, you can change mode, to improve creativity and productivity by showing the information you need sans any distraction.  A smartphone or tablet can do the same job but there is always that temptation to check other apps and websites. This may lead you into the rabbit hole and forget about the deadline, thanks to the endless scrolling.COMM - A Smart Screen Concept To Work From Home Efficiently 4COMM the smart screen concept is a communication device you can set and check your work schedule. Attend video conferences on the COMM and connect directly with another workmate. It is also easy to schedule a meeting with it by turning the icon to be connected with the other person. While you are away from the computer, you can set the status so your team members can see ‘Away Mode’ on their respective COMM units.COMM - A Smart Screen Concept To Work From Home Efficiently-5Communication with COMM is more direct and gives you an illusion of your co-worker being at another table, room, or floor.  Offers an ideal way to reach another person via text, chat, video call, or voice call…and this COMM.

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