Compact Multi-Platform Game Controller With Customizable Switches D-Pad
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Crivty Design brings a compact multi-platform game controller with customizable switches, D-pad, and thumbstick position on demand for an ergonomic design. 

The gaming sector has gained popularity as far as entertainment is concerned, the segment has already overtaken the movies and the music industry and looks unstoppable. Now players are not just restricted to PC and console gaming as far as the hardware limitations are concerned as they can explore the cloud gaming options too. The possibilities seem to be exciting for anyone to try many of the high-end gaming options available on-demand with gaming consoles perfectly mirrored by mobile gaming and handheld consoles for such high-end gaming titles. Compact Multi-Platform Game Controller With Customizable Switches D-Pad-1Players always love to enjoy that perfect gadget that allows them to experience the best gaming experience to gain a tactical advantage in-game. Thus it becomes important for users to invest in the right set of gaming tools and pick the right gaming controller for various devices such as Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, high-end PC, Stadia, GeForce Now, and more. The Compact Multi-Platform Game Controller offers you just what you are looking for; it’s a gaming controller that can change its character depending on the platform it is being used with.
Players are always on the lookout for thumbsticks on the DualShock 4 placed adjacent to each other while on the Xbox One controller it’s asymmetrical. Many would prefer the directional pad on the Xbox’s controller adjacent to the right analog stick, and on the DualShock or place on the flipside to the Xbox’s offering. Players would always prefer to have a controller for an RPG and another for a racing sim due to the setup of these buttons. Give them the freedom to switch the D-pad and joystick depending on the title you are playing. Crivty Design has addressed most of these requirements with the Compact Multi-Platform Game Controller.Compact Multi-Platform Game Controller With Customizable Switches D-Pad-2The Compact Multi-Platform Game Controller is different from the current generation gaming controllers as it is compact and offers ergonomic comfort which is very important for gamers.Compact Multi-Platform Game Controller With Customizable Switches D-Pad-3The Compact Multi-Platform Game Controller features a dynamic curving form that aesthetically seems right on point. Simply push the swap button to toggle the configuration in the blink of an eye. The buttons on the left of the controller display the indicators depending on which platform you are playing on currently. Depending on the platform the controller is used, the respective logos are displayed by the guide button (for Xbox) or the PS button (for PlayStation). The gaming controller offers a completely customizable experience that’s the USP of the gaming controller.

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