Crystal Pc Case - Sci-fi Transparent Pc Case
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Designer Alex Casabo, Crystal PC Case concept is a Sci-fi Transparent Pc case. It is a hypnotic symphony of beastly performance and killer looks.

The desktop PC case has futuristic machine looks and is the perfect go-get for spoiled geeks obsessed with its looks and function.

The Crystal Pc Case houses a monster performer inside it and the external appearance is badass to the core. A perfect geeky creation by designer Alex Casabo, to give you more than one reason to crave a PC case for your desktop setup.Crystal Pc Case - Sci-fi Transparent Pc Case-1The product is a concept which eventually will come into reality. The Crystal Pc Case offers a sublime combination of computing power with futuristic aesthetics, transforming your workspace into a productive den with its magnetic ambiance of the concept.Crystal Pc Case - Sci-fi Transparent Pc Case-2The components inside the case consist of the motherboard, RAM, GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card, SSD, etc. All are immaculately arranged in a distinct pattern for a clean look. The four heat-dissipating fans are designed to operate with minimal noise without compromising on the active airflow that gives an inwards depth perception, there are two fans on the top and two on the rear.

Keeping the Sci-Fi theme intact the designer includes a built-in display on the CPU to keep a check on temperature and clock speed.Crystal Pc Case - Sci-fi Transparent Pc Case-4The crystal clear case gives justice to its name and is covered with cut-out vents for airflow on the top and rear, in line with the fans. The matte black and gray color combination offers a contrast with the uber-cool blue, green, orange and red LED lights adorning the telemetry display, component indicators, and fan lighting. The case would look absolutely stunning when it lights up to look cool with a blue and green bias light setup, accompanied by a monitor in conjunction with color-changing LED lighting for the home office setup!Crystal Pc Case - Sci-fi Transparent Pc Case-5Related Articles:

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