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VPN’s are commonly used by netizens across the globe to remain anonymous and secure online. But this is not cheap as you end up paying for monthly subscription charges to your VPN service provider. Deeper Connect Nano is not only cost-effective but also protects your network for all home devices by creating your own fully protected web connection.

There is also a constant fear of your VPN provider misusing your online information. VPNs have been around for quite some time, but now net users are moving over to Decentralized Private Network(DPN).  

This small device will allow you to eliminate the VPN bill and give you total control over internet connectivity. The Deeper Connect Nano will cost you around $199. You can also choose to buy Deeper connect Mini which will cost you around $249.

DPN allows you to access the internet without running through a company’s private internet tunnel. Instead, users become their own clients and server without the need for a service provider. No fear of outside servers accessing or share your personal data. The internet remains fully encrypted for data transfer and web access everywhere.

The device allows you to connect via ethernet cables and Wifi in your home. There is no drop in internet speeds, often witnessed with other devices.

Deeper Connect Nano offers 7 layers of deep packet enterprise-grade cybersecurity. The same level of security is extended to any device connected to the Nano. No more nightmares of getting your monitor or home assistance device getting hacked. 

The entire process of connecting Deeper Connect Nano is simple, which makes it easy to understand how each device is connected and accessing the web.

Deeper Connect Nano was an instant hit on Indiegogo and managed to raise nearly $1 million in contributions, as tech-savvy fans jumped on it. 

Deeper Connect Nano will allow you to permanently get rid of VPN subscriptions forever with a one-time investment of $199.