DIGI SWAP an Upcycled Digital camera
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Digi Swap is an upcycled digital camera designed by Yoshihiro Komori. It offers you a unique analog experience of a film camera without giving up the conveniences of your smartphone.

Days of an analog camera seem to have numbered, though this camera market survives in spite of the onslaught of smartphones, thanks to the pros and hobbyists that try to faithfully recreate the details and flaws of the physical medium. Else many are left gathering dust, unused, and forgotten. 

The  Digi Swap can be all yours for available on Kickstarter for $188 $235 (20% off) while the stocks last. We treasure our old cameras as memorabilia, there has always been an element of uncertainty and excitement when it comes to clicking pictures with them. Digi Swap enables you to relive and reuse your old film camera as it features an ingenious system. This means it combines the feeling of an analog shooter with the conveniences of a smartphone camera.DIGI SWAP an Upcycled Digital camera-1Like two sides of the same coin Digi Swap has an adapter that attaches to the back of the film camera and acts as a mount for your iPhone. On the other hand, the adapter projects the image going through the film camera’s lens into the iPhone camera. This transforms your smartphone almost like a roll of film, that alone doesn’t complete the experience, which is where the DIGI SWAP app comes in.

Additionally, the Digi Swap app enables you to sync everything you do on the film camera without physically connecting it with the controls. The app can tweak a few settings like the ISO sensitivity, everything happens automatically. The film camera controls can be used to control aperture, shutter speed, and focus adjustment, though the photo is automatically saved to the iPhone’s gallery as soon as you press the physical shutter button.DIGI SWAP an Upcycled Digital camera-2

Digi Swap has the ability to recreate both the feeling as well as the visual style of old-school film cameras, i.e. with blurry quality. Just like in old days you can pull the wind-up lever just before you shoot your picture. The ‘Film Empty’ feature in its app shows up after you take 36 shots. This is simply some kind of a reminder, you can always continue shooting by tapping the “Film replacement” button. No more worrying about running out of a film. 

Shutterbugs can have fun with their Digi Swap as it offers a useful way to upcycle their old faithful companions. So pick up your old camera gathering dust or worse and get started with Digi Swap. Might set a trend for the newer generation to connect with some old tech, besides offering a nostalgic blend of the past and the present.

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