Dji Action 2 camera is way better than GoPro
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DJI Action 2 camera is way better than GoPro as it is created after intense research and design thinking. The design idea seems to be unique and different from the many other cameras out in the market. 

DJI Action 2 camera comes with a diverse ecosystem of snap-on modules which allows you to practically attach it anywhere you want. 

DJI is well known for its drones and gimbal, the latest offering looks certain to disrupt the nonsmartphone consumer camera market. DJI drones speak for themselves while the OM, Osmo, and Pocket offer you on-ground stability while recording. Though the Action 2 camera will focus on another market which until now was dominated by GoPro.Dji Action 2 camera is way better than GoPro-1Typically most of the cameras offered are tough, waterproof, and have a compact body. It would have been easy to follow the footsteps of the already existing products in the segment, though DJI chose to be the best among the lot. Instead of recreating what the GoPro offers. In its bid for supremacy, the company chose to remodel its camera on what GoPro does not offer and how a future action camera would be like in 2021.Dji Action 2 camera is way better than GoPro-2The company created an entire list of modules, holders, and even accessories that would go with its action camera. These would attach to the Action 2 camera via magnets similar to MagSafe. The modules will snap on or off while held in your hand, fix it to your chest/arm/head, attach it to your helmet, handlebar, or dashboard, place it on a steady surface, or even go underwater with it. Literally allows you to use Action 2 in any possible adventure. Dji Action 2 camera is way better than GoPro-3The ability of the Action 2 modules makes it easy to snap on or off the camera easily anywhere and anyhow. The camera features an all-terrain + waterproof design, 155° Super-Wide lens, powerful digital stabilization algorithm, and the 4-microphone recording setup make the Action 2 an incredibly compelling purchase.Dji Action 2 camera is way better than GoPro-4All action cameras come with lenses on the front and displays on the rear, while the case of the Action 2 camera features a snap-on touchscreen module. This allows you to turn the Action 2 camera into a wide-angle vlogging camera. You can also snap on and attach other accessories: the tripod, selfie stick, car mount, etc. Dji Action 2 camera is way better than GoPro-5You not only get a front-facing extra screen with the Action 2 but also an extra battery pack too, doubling the recording time to 160 minutes. Add extra mics for crisper audio recording, something most vloggers and influencers would love this feature.Dji Action 2 camera is way better than GoPro-6The Action 2’s offers an expansive list of modules and attachments from the standard Power Module which bumps up the Action 2’s battery life and the Remote Control Extension Rod that triples as a selfie stick, tripod, and detachable remote controller.Dji Action 2 camera is way better than GoPro-9For sportsmen, the DJI Action 2 camera offers the helmet mount and a ball-and-socket module that lets you position the camera at any angle, either downwards, upwards, or even in a tilting format.

You can take the camera along with you for a swim or surfing,  wearing a magnetic headband, while the waterproof case lets you dive deep and low.Dji Action 2 camera is way better than GoPro-7

The magnetic modules do a wonderful job of holding the camera in place, while the DJI’s image stabilization algorithms really speak for themselves at this point in time. It also offers a snap-on macro lens that turns the ultra-wide shooter into a macro photography beast (with 4K capturing abilities). The powerful set of wireless dual-channel recorder mics let you use the action camera like you would the Osmo or the Pocket. 

Perhaps the only thing missing would be the drone mount that would allow you to clip the Action 2 to any of their mid-tier drones for high-speed, high-altitude, high-adrenaline 4K capturing on a shoestring budget. Dji Action 2 camera is way better than GoPro-8You can preorder the DJI Action 2 on its official website starting in early November. While the Power Combo (camera, Power Module, Lanyard, and Adapter mount) costs $399. The Dual Screen Combo with the Front Touch Screen Module and the Magnetic Ball-Joint mount will cost you $519. Certainly, the Dji Action 2 camera looks way better than GoPro.

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