Dpp Da’peng - All-In-One Broadcast Device 
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Dpp Da’peng an industrial designer, has conceptualized an all-in-one broadcast device for content creators. 

Broadcast equipment turns out to be a huge mess for many content creators these days. They seem to have a lot of other things to be addressed even before getting busy with their podcast they want to make viralDpp Da’peng - All-In-One Broadcast Device_1The broadcasting equipment needs vary for each type of content you create, this means you require various kinds of different equipment. This leads to the problem of wire management and table space which makes it all a bit messy.Dpp Da’peng - All-In-One Broadcast Device_2The all-in-one broadcast device addresses this problem and allows content creators to focus on content creation. Dpp Da’peng - All-In-One Broadcast Device_3The all-in-one broadcast devices are designed to solve the issue of passive wheat dissipation present in broadcast equipment currently on the market. Dpp Da’peng - All-In-One Broadcast Device_4According to Da’Peng, “Due to the limitation of volume and microphone recognition sound, a large area of [the] metal aluminum heat sink is required to assist the machine to dissipate heat and work normally. So balancing heat sinks and design criteria is the primary issue.”Dpp Da’peng - All-In-One Broadcast Device_5The all-in-one broadcast device is in two variants, the first version is supported by a tripod while the other is situated atop a tripod. The first one is propped upright with the multi-functional camera envisioned in a cubic form with an integrated heat sink sandwiched between the camera’s lens and body.Dpp Da’peng - All-In-One Broadcast Device_6The second looks identical to a compact projector, where the second camera’s lens module is oval-shaped while the body takes on a rectangular silhouette.Dpp Da’peng - All-In-One Broadcast Device_7Both cameras feature intuitive record buttons with the lens rotating 90-degrees to switch between landscape and portrait modes. Additionally, the heat sinks of both iterations are kept to a minimum. While the wireless design ensures there is no mess that comes with current broadcast devices on the market. Creators can use it as a webcam as both the devices can easily mount computer screens or go for the tripod which is optional.Dpp Da’peng - All-In-One Broadcast Device_8

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