Dyson Urban Bike
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Philipp Seißler is the designer behind the Dyson Urban Bike concept. The design stays true to its brand image, Dyson is known for its concept bikes, home appliances, and more.

The latest Dyson Urban Bike Concept design brings the signature Dyson design language to the compact electric-assisted bicycle. Dyson has its affection for electric vehicles, which can be seen from the fact that its owner spent $600 on a design only to ditch the idea later. Dyson is a name to reckon with when it comes to modern industrial design and this concept bicycle is no different.Dyson-Urban-BikeThe Dyson Urban Bike offers an addictive look with its distinct aluminum tubes which do not fuse into each other. While the regular bicycle design features a mainframe supporting the rider proportions and has a shorter and lighter footprint, Dyson tends to differ.Dyson-Urban-BikeThe bicycle is powered by the battery and propulsion components housed inside the rear hub assembly. The blue ring on the bike frame keeps the internal engineering concealed from the unassuming eyes. While its tubular design approach gives the handlebar a constant diameter for matte semi-transparent grip and visually clean aesthetics. The small rounded screen displays minimal information required.Dyson-Urban-Bike

The bike can be mounted on the wall-mounted rack and used as a charger to juice up the battery. It is certainly a work of art designed keeping the future in mind.Dyson-Urban-Bike

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