Elecjet Apollo Ultra 10000mah Power Bank - Fast Charger for your Phone
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Elecjet Apollo Ultra 10,000mah Power Bank designed by Samuel Gong & Wade Lin will fast charge your phone. You no longer need to worry about even your power bank running out of juice when you need it the most.

With all of us dependent on smartphones these days for our daily activities, running out of juice with our phones is quite common. This is where a good power bank can be handy, the situation gets worse when the device you rely so much upon fails to deliver when you need it the most. 

We see new development as smartphone manufacturers choose to bring in fast charging technology to their consumers. It enables you to quickly recharge your phone and compensate for the same old batteries used inside. Thanks to the numerous power banks available, which enable us to quickly juice up our mobile phones on the go. Elecjet Apollo Ultra 10000mah Power Bank - Fast Charger for your Phone_1Having said there has not been enough innovation in the past few years when it comes to portable batteries, this is where Elecjet stands out as it brings its fastest charging high-capacity power bank in the market. We now have phones that can charge faster than their predecessors, while the batteries have remained the same. While in the case of power banks it’s not the case, as they keep getting better and better. We now have much bigger and better batteries than before,  enabling them to last longer. Elecjet’s 10,000mAh Apollo Ultra is capable of fully charging in 27 minutes, something everyone should take note of. This means anyone in the household or office can head out with a fully charged phone in just half an hour. 

Smartphone batteries cannot last for an entire day especially with all those messages, emails and movies you tend to deal with. A power bank helps you keep your phone juiced up, can you imagine what happens if this power source also dries up? The ability to quickly recharge it quickly can be handy. Elecjet Apollo Ultra 10000mah Power Bank - Fast Charger for your Phone_2The Elecjet is the latest power bank that uses graphene, one of the few major advancements in battery technology today. Graphene helps the Apollo Ultra to charge up to 37% in just 7 minutes of charging, which should be sufficient to fully charge your phone once. The material is also less prone to overheating, resulting in the Elecjet battery pack never exceeding 43°C while in use.Elecjet Apollo Ultra 10000mah Power Bank - Fast Charger for your Phone_3The Elecjet Apollo Ultra not only features high-capacity and insane self-charging speed (27 minutes) but also has other benefits. The power bank is smaller than some of the smartphones out there, which makes it highly portable. It also supports pass-through charging, which means you don’t waste time and charge both the power bank and your phone at the same time. You can also charge some laptops with their 65W USB-C output.Elecjet Apollo Ultra 10000mah Power Bank - Fast Charger for your Phone_4The power bank is built to handle more than 2,500 charge cycles, equivalent to 7 years of use, thanks to the graphene battery tech. The Elecjet Apollo Ultra comes with a large 10,000mAh battery, a 27-minute charging speed, and a lifetime that could even outlast your phone. It is not only impressive, but it might also very well be the only power bank you will ever need. The Elecjet Apollo Ultra is priced at $69 here.

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